Monday, September 5, 2011

   I was in the military, more specifically my father was in World War 1 and I was currently in World War 2.  I died somehow in the ocean. I don't recall witnessing my death but I actually figured it out when I was rescued by a submarine.  It was kind of like the movie Beetlejuice where the ghosts communicated with each other. The submarine was a ferry for the deseased.

We then wandered the seas finding those who needed our help until it was time to return people to their families.  We hit mainland and instantly I was magnetically pulled to my mother and father's house.  I sat on the dryer in their garage holding a chalkboard and wrote down what happened.

They couldn't see me but they could see the floating chalkboard and the words I was writing.  I actually don't even remember what was said on the chalkboard because then my phone rang and I was awoken.


The preceding dream sounds eerily like a dream of awareness after death, because the body is cognitive of the fact that it is dead. 

This could also be a dream of reincarnation. Hypnotherapists, when taking patients back in time to their earliest memories, in an attempt to understand current behavior, have sometimes taken patients back so far, their patients have memories of being in the womb and even further back to memories of a previous life.

Though it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, perhaps the magnetic draw the dreamer felt was the moment of conception or the moment of birth.

Though our bodies die, our spirits live on. We use so little of our brain and we live (in terms of eternity) for such a short time, who's to say that we don't try to contact our loved ones after we die? The chalkboard probably represents the dreamer's attempt to communicate to her parents that she had died.

Of course, other scenarios are possible. The dryer could be significant because it was in the garage. Not knowing the dreamer, I would ask if the dryer was ready for the junkyard or if it was usable. Was it in the garage so the house would be kept cooler during the summer months? Was it a place the dreamer frequently sat upon to write?

If the dryer does not represent warmth (as in being in a mother's womb), it serves a different purpose in the dream, and I would need more information. To me, though, this dream represents a buried memory of the end of a past life and the beginning of a new life.

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