Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Impossible Dream

Every once in a while I have a dream that involves me doing things I would never do. Here is an example:

I am in my home surrounded by loved ones celebrating something. Dishes are piled in the sink (would never happen – any family function involves the use of the dishwasher). Among the items in the sink is a cookie sheet filled with water and ice cubes (what?).

On the counter is a package of sliced ham left from the day before (I do NOT like ham and even if I had it in my house, which I do from time to time for holidays or because my daughter makes it, I would never leave it on the counter overnight). 

I ask my grandson, Kaden, if he would like to spend the night. He says no. (He always wants to spend the night at my house).

I leave my family party (that would never happen unless I had a sudden heart attack and had to go to the hospital) because I want to WALK to Peotone (more than an hour and a half away BY CAR). When I get there, Peotone is holding a Scottish festival. I don't even know if Peotone has such a festival. After I watch some Scottish dancers, I head back home where I have to cross a road above an expressway and end up in Kankakee at a party for what, I don't know. There the dream ends.


I have lots of friends and family members who live in the Kankakee area, so the likelihood of me going to Kankakee for a party is pretty high. But I would never walk there from Peotone or from my home, and I didn't recognize anybody at that party, nor was I familiar with the place where the party was being held.

So I have to ask myself, what was the point of this dream? And the answer I give myself is that maybe once in a while we all do what we think we will never do (I'm not a party goer, though I do attend family functions). We all go places we didn't expect to go. Maybe something is coming up that I might have thought wouldn't occur. But maybe it will. Who knows? Nothing, after all, is impossible, right?

I'm expecting to be surprised (in a good way).

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