Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Killed a Man

Many times in our dreams, we behave very differently from the way we act in our awake lives. In many of my dreams, the world is coming to an end, and I am trying to save everyone left on Earth. One of my daughters often acts as a fighter or ninja in her dreams. 

In the following dream, I was surprised to discover that I am also a murderer!

The man who appears in this dream is related to one of my relatives. I never really liked him, though I would never be able to articulate exactly why I don’t like him. In this dream, he mistreats one of my daughters, so I want to kill him. I don’t know how I killed him – and I think it wasn’t an accident, but I know he is dead and I know his death resulted from something I did to him.

However, though he is dead, he can still talk to me. Nobody else can see him, though. I feel very justified in what I had done (however I killed him). I tell him I don’t regret killing him, but I feel sorry for his wife. He tells me that being sorry for his wife doesn’t matter, because they are actually divorced and nobody knows yet. I can’t wait to tell my daughter about the divorce. 


The amazing thing to me about dreams like this one is the way we sometimes appear in our dreams – to be entirely different from the way we think we are in “real” life. Am I capable of killing a man simply because he mistreats my daughter? According to this dream, yes, absolutely. 

In real life, though, depending on the type of mistreatment, I doubt that I would ever murder someone to avenge anyone else, loved one or not. But is this dream trying to tell me that I could kill somebody? Hmm. Better for those who mistreat my loved ones if we never find out. ;)

Another aspect of this dream is the gossip factor. I’m not a gossiper and I actually despise gossip. However, in this dream I can’t wait to tell my daughter about the divorce, so, again, I am behaving differently from the way I do in my waking life.

So maybe we all have opposite dreams from time to time to let us know how far we’ve come from our earlier lives or perhaps our previous lives.