Thursday, December 16, 2010

Driving the Right Way in a Dream

I am with my son and his family. We are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Only a few people have said they were coming, so we fix dinner for only his sisters (my daughters), their families, and my son and his family. Suddenly my nephew and my father walk in and I realize my mother, my sisters, and probably my other nephew are coming as well. We will definitely need a lot more food.

Now people I don't even know are showing up and I know for sure I will have to get more food in order to feed everybody.

Now I'm driving a car. My son is with me. For some reason, the wheel will turn only right. I'm trying to force it left, but the wheel refuses to turn in that direction. I panic as I see the car head toward another vehicle. It smashes into a car that is parked in front of a house.

My son gets out of the car and says he'll ask his father to help us. We get out of the car and walk into a house that clearly does not belong to my ex-husband. But I hear my ex's voice and when we walk in, I expect to see him. The man with my ex-husband's voice, though, does not look at all like my ex and when I look over at my son, while I'm wondering why he has chosen to call this man his father, my son no longer looks like my son either. Both father and son decide to help me and treat me as if I'm still the son's mother.

Now I'm the passenger sitting in a car and an animal walks toward us. At first it looks kind of like a deer as it slowly makes its way to the window.The driver opens the window slightly to see what the animal wants. The animal wants to heal me. I'm allergic to animals, so I'm wondering how I will react, but I find myself trusting this animal.

The driver lowers the window even more and the animal, which looks more like an eagle or a phoenix now, jumps through the window and sits on my lap. It leans toward me and chews my eyes, but my eyes don't hurt even while it bites my eyes. Even though what the animal/bird is doing seems odd, even in the dream, I somehow feel he/she is helping me by performing this strange ritual. It speaks to me almost intuitively.

The animal reveals my soul to me by pulling things from my past. Though I don't remember mentioning out loud that when I was a child I thought the only person who ever showed me any genuine affection and loved me was my aunt who died when I was ten years old, this animal seems to zero in on my loss and senses my pain. I can tell that this animal, whatever it is, is attempting to heal me.

When the animal leaves, I wonder if I'm not allergic to animals anymore and if a connection between my allergy to animals and the pain of losing my aunt is possible.

I'm going to have to examine the meaning of this dream at a later date. Because I was the one who had it, I'm a little too close to it right now to figure out the meaning. Following Gayle Delaney's dream process, I'm going to have to ask myself what each of these dream symbols means to me and how each of them are connected. If you have any thoughts, I would appreciate hearing them.


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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another End of The World Dream

Years ago, probably in the late 80s, I had a dream about the end of the world. I've had many of these dreams, so when people talk about December 21, 2012, I tend to think the possibility exists that the world AS WE KNOW IT (not necessarily Earth itself) may come to an end.

In this dream, I have sought sanctuary in a church. I am with one of my sisters. None of my other family members, including my children and grandchildren, have survived, at least as far as I know. We are all we have left of our family.

We are huddled inside a church with a group of people, none of whom I know. We are sitting in utter darkness. I don't know how long we have been there, but I remember having my arm around my sister (she was blind in this dream – in reality my sister has terrible eyesight, but she is not blind) and I remember suddenly noticing a sliver of light appear on the horizon.

It felt as if some horrible catastrophe had occurred that caused us all to be in this church, but whatever caused the traumatic event had somehow ended. Though nobody spoke, I don't think any of us knew how many others were left on Earth. Together we walked out of the church and saw what could only be described as a cap, which had been previously been placed around the world, suddenly being lifted.

With my arms around my sister, I guided her toward the sliver of light.


This dream could actually be about the end of the world – I could say this dream was a premonition, especially considering that I, the dreamer, have had other dreams in which I am around at the end of the world.

Or, it could mean that I am predicting the end of MY world, as I know it.

Then again, it could mean that I am going to somehow protect my sister for some reason or perhaps guide her in some way. This dream occurred more than 20 years ago and remains as fresh in my mind now as it did when I had it.

Another interesting facet of this dream is that while I had my arm around my sister, who was blind in this dream, the fact that we were in complete darkness means that I was blind as well, at least until I saw the light.


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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Clone Blog

What do you do when, for TWO WHOLE MONTHS, you have to deal with a ton of personal issues, including a car in need of more than a thousand dollars worth of repair, a broken vacuum cleaner with a warranty (but the nearest fix-it place is 50 miles away), a broken refrigerator (cost me several hundred dollars), a broken computer (would cost the price of a new computer to fix), no Internet connection (so even with a working computer, what difference would it make), seven blogs that cry for your attention, a memory that fails every now and then to remind you to take your cancer drugs and your asthma medicine, AND you take care of children all day long?

Well, I can't answer for you, but for me, I've decided to clone my blogs – at least this once.

Yessiree. If you go to any of my blogs (all of which are listed at the end of this blog), you will find that on this day, December 6, 2010, every single one of my blogs will say exactly the same thing as does this blog – assuming I don't get interrupted while I'm posting everywhere, that is.

So, without further ado (I don't think I've ever used that word before), here are a couple of (shortened versions of) blogs I would have written if I could have found the time and a working Internet connection:


When my hair began to grow after chemo destroyed it, I noticed about a thousand cowlicks EVERYWHERE. In other words, I continue to look as if I am permanently affixed to an invisible electrical socket.

My youngest daughter and I were sitting in the cafeteria at Barnes and Noble (one of my favorite places to visit) when I spotted two women, who at first appeared to be reflections of me in the windows and whose hair looked as ugly as mine did. Of course mine was hiding beneath Avon's Breast Cancer cap, so nobody could tell how truly ugly it was.

In complaining to my daughter about how horrible I felt, because every time I looked in the mirror I saw a frightening apparition, I decided to illustrate my sense of horror by pointing out the two women to her.

"See those two women sitting by the window with their short, ugly, no-style hair?" I asked my daughter. She discreetly turned around.

"That's how I feel," I continued.

"You feel gay?" she asked.

OK, before you get all uppity, know this: several people I know are gay, and one of my best friends is gay – I think HE would get a laugh out of my daughter's comment.


Everybody knows I have none – fashion sense, that is. I even wrote about my lack of fashion sense in my Weekend of Fashion blog, which I invite you to read by clicking the link.

Never had my lack of fashion sense been more apparent, though, than the year Jim Riordan shot his movie, Maddance, and one of his actors needed an outfit for a character she considered to be "trailer trashy."

Oh, what to wear, what to wear? Her eyes settled on me. I was wearing a broom skirt with a button down sleeveless top and a pair of sandals.

"That outfit, the one you're wearing. That would be perfect."

The #@%$&! What irks me even more is that I actually GAVE her my outfit!


Yes, I'll admit it. I have a temper. Some people might be surprised to learn that I do because I usually hide it, though not always very well. You can tell when I'm upset, though, because I sulk or become an absolute witch.

Seething with sarcasm, my eyes squint into slivers of hatred. I become a cartoon character of myself, and I really don't like ME when I act that way (though, believe me, I have plenty of reasons to be "witchy" sometimes). In spite of those reasons, I really TRY to be mature (at my age, you would think that would come naturally by now).

Sadly I can't always help myself, so I'd kind of like other people to step forward and slap my mind with things like, "Do you realize you're acting like a temper-tantrum-throwing child?" or  (sarcastically) "Yeah, it's all about you!" or (even more sarcastically) "Nobody else ever in the history of life itself has ever had as many problems as you do. You deserve the status of martyr. Give me the phone. I must call the Pope!"

When I act like the Wicked Witch of the West I don't understand why people don't just throw a house on me. Maybe my toes curling beneath the pressure of a house smashing me into the ground would be the catalyst for change and I would respond differently. I could smile and say chirpy little comments, like, "My car needs over a thousand dollars worth of repair – the Universe must be trying to tell me something." ("You're getting too old to drive, Nimwit!"), and, "My computer is so broken, it will cost me the price of a new computer to fix it, so the Universe must be trying to tell me something." ("You're the one who wanted to be a writer – maybe you should rethink you're 'ideal job'.")

Or, and this is just a thought, maybe people should start being more responsible for OTHER people, especially those – like me – who need…what? What do I need – a heavy dose of reality? No, thank you. I think I've had  plenty of that…a reminder that lots of people have it worse than I do? No, that won't work. Oh, how about ________ (fill in the blank – I'm trying out a new type of blog – interactive – how's that working for me)?

Oh, you know what? Just throw a house on me!

Hmm, you don't like my remedy for witchiness? Be gone! Before somebody throws a house on you!


Comcast is on my hits (rearrange the letters) list. For the past three years since I moved into my home I have had intermittent problems with my Internet connection, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I call them and they send a tech, without fail, the technician who arrives at my home to FIX (choke choke) the problem tells me that the guy who came before him didn't know what he was doing.


So, does that mean that for the past 3 years, every technician Comcast has sent to my home has been incompetent, or does Comcast hire egocentric techs with superiority complexes who believe that nobody but them knows how to properly connect a computer to the Internet?

Whatever. My Internet connection is in Illinois while I am in Virginia enjoying, in addition to attending to the needs of my grandchildren, a reliable Internet connection. Could the fact that I'm in Quantico, hub of the FBI and other government agencies, have anything to do with that, I wonder?

Despite the vacuum cleaner/computer/Internet/car/refrigerator problems I have been deftly dealing with over the past several months, I have managed to get a couple of articles and blogs written, the most recent of which is Paranormal Gifts for Your Paranormal Loved One.

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Your Blog Connection is currently disconnected due to the fact that I have not interviewed anybody recently for that blog.
But just because I had no time to devote to this blog, doesn't mean you can't check it out ;) Also, if you want YOUR blog covered, let me know.

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Hopefully by 2011, everything will be less stressful and I'll be writing more. The only way I can see that happening, though, is to find my own planet. But then I'd have to consider the costs to get there and...

In the meantime, thank you for reading this blog and clicking on the links.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dream of Former Workplace

I would like to preface this blog by asking readers and those who email their dreams to me to PLEASE not be offended by the remarks I've made at the end of the dream. They are merely my opinions about what I think the dream is trying to tell the dreamer. The dreamer is the actual judge who determines the meaning of the dream.

The following dream takes place in the dreamer's former workplace (*** indicates the end of the dream):

All of the people who worked in my office were at a function of some sort. When I asked what we were celebrating, I was told by one of my former co-workers, "Sh, it's a secret." But then she took me by the arm and told me it was for Lance, but not to tell anybody.

I was surprised with all the hoopla because not many people liked Lance. They thought he was a pest who droned on and on about nothing. His incessant talking was annoying. Also Lance no longer worked for the company either, so I was surprised they were throwing a going away party for him.

When somebody asked me who the party was for, I said I didn't know but that I didn't see him. As soon as I said that, I realized that I had just given something away, the sex of the person. I kept slipping. And now everybody knew that I knew why we were celebrating.

A lot of food was already set out, but everybody was waiting for one specialty item, some kind of crusted tomato-less ravioli. But when it came out, the pan contained barely enough for the crowd of people gathered around waiting in anticipation for its arrival.

As I scooped a spoonful of it onto my plate, somebody else reached in to grab the other dried up ravioli, and gobbed a bunch of it onto my plate just as I was putting mine in the same spot. I don't know who did that or why, but my plate now looked like I had taken enough of the good ravioli to satisfy four people, because the good stuff was sitting on the top of the unappealing ravioli.

I don't know why I dreamed about Lance. The only thing we had in common was that we shared a birthday.


What is interesting about this dream is that oftentimes the people who appear in our dreams are actually representative of ourselves. The fact that she shared a birthday with Lance indicates the possibility that Lance actually represents her. Maybe the dreamer is admitting, at least subconsciously, that she tends to drone on and on. Maybe she annoys people with her incessant talking.

And maybe she's afraid she will reveal a secret that somebody asked her to keep. This dream could serve as a warning to pay attention to what she says.

As far as the food is concerned, maybe the dreamer sometimes takes more than she feels she should (or that maybe she takes on more than she should). In any event, somebody put something on her plate she had not wanted. Maybe the dream indicates metaphorically that she has too much on her plate.

Also, let's not forget the dreamer was celebrating. Perhaps the dreamer will soon be celebrating something for herself.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Violent Murder In A Dream

Last night I dreampt that I was sitting outside on a cement driveway at a fairly big house (don't know whose it was) with my brother, Alex, his friend, Josh, and one of my other friends.  I had money sitting out beside me – it was only about $14 but it was all the money I had.

So, all of a sudden, this guy walks up to us and tells us something about how if we cut him a check, blah, blah, blah, we could get rich.  I knew he was just trying to scam us and so I instantly picked up the loose money beside me and shoved it in my pants because I didn't have time to even shove it in my pockets.  This guy is skinny, with shaggy, strawberry blonde hair – maybe even a little redder – and he's not at all attractive.  Once he sees me put the money in my purse, he starts attacking me while I'm still on the ground. He's trying to get the money out of my pants.

I start yelling for Alex to do something, but it's like he wants to see if I can do it alone.  He just sits there and finally I get the guy off me and he takes off.

So, now fast forward and I'm in our old house in my old room trying to go to sleep when my friend, Alyse calls and asks if she can please sleep over.  I tell her yes. Then Alex walks into my room and tells me that the guy that attacked me died of a blood clot.  He tells me that he, Josh, and some other guy found him and just tried to scare him buy pouring chemicals into his eyes. Alex held open his eyes while someone else poured the chemicals into them and then they roughed him up a little bit, but he ended up dying.

So, then for the rest of my dream all I could think of was how this guy's spirit was now going to be attached to me forever because my brother had killed him.  It was super scary though.


I was a little confused about the placement of the money, because it seemed to go from pants to purse to pants again, unless the dreamer had changed the location of the money without mentioning it, but the potential thief, who could be somebody the dreamer knows and doesn't trust, attempted to steal it from the dreamer.

This dream is graphically violent, and even ends in death, but the blame of the attack is placed on the brother who at first does nothing and then ends up killing the scammer. I would say to look at anybody in the dreamer's life who fits the specific description the dreamer noted and see if somebody matching that description is possibly capable of scamming the dreamer.

Also the dreamer goes back in time to a home in her past. The potential thief/scam artist in the dream could be somebody from the dreamer's past. It also appears that she perceives her brother to be protective of her, but aggressively so.

The dreamer obviously fears a visit from the spirit of the deceased thief. So she probably feels responsible for actions her brother has taken on her behalf.

If anybody would like to add their own interpretation of this dream, I invite your comments.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Bobby and The Dead Guy In The Trunk

This dream comes from an American woman who dreamed about being a man in a different country. Here is the dream (between the asterisks).

I am in an intersection walking toward a Bobby. It doesn't occur to me in a dream that I am calling this guy a Bobby, since we call them cops here in America, but in my dream he is a Bobby and he is directing traffic.

I try to grab his attention, but he's acting like I'm not even there. I'm tapping him on the shoulder and he doesn't respond. Now I'm screaming at him, "Look in the trunk of that car! There's a dead body in the trunk of that car!"

As I point at the car and continue to yell at the Bobby, wondering the whole time why he is ignoring me, I realize that the dead man in the trunk of that car is me.

What's odd to me when I wake up is that though I am a woman, in this dream I was a dead man stuffed into the trunk of a car.


The first thing that comes to my mind, after reading this dream is that if reincarnation is possible, if the spirits of the dead linger after the body has died, and if the dead try to contact the living, the possibility exists that this dreamer WAS the dead guy in the trunk, reincarnated as a woman living in a different country in this life.

Another possible explanation is that perhaps the dreamer might be stuffing the aggressive or assertive side of herself (some might say the masculine side) aside and ignoring her more assertive nature. Maybe she needs more balance in her life.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Forces of Good and Evil

Sometimes the battle between good and evil appears in dreams in subtle ways. In the following dream (which was actually one of mine), the battle is obvious. I don't know what prompted the nightmare other than the fact that before I had fallen asleep I had thought about all of the bigotry in this world and how the forces of evil existed in the minds of ignorant people who firmly believe in a hierarchy where, no matter what the misperception, the bigot believes he or she is always in the superior position.


The dream:

I am lying in bed, feeling fully awake when I hear whispering above me. I know a battle has ensued and that I am being dragged into it by unseen forces. I feel them, whoever they are, tugging at me, demanding me to join them. I fight them. I kick and scream and I'm filled with terror.

As I thrash around in my bed, I feel myself weaken and wonder how long I can battle them before I pass out or die – until I remember that I'm not fighting them alone.

I tell the evil forces repeatedly that, "God is on my side. God is on my side. God is on my side." No matter what they say to me, no matter how hard they tug at me, I repeat that mantra and decide to continue repeating it over and over if necessary, even if it results in my death.

After what seems like more times than is humanly possible to count, I feel the presences leave me, and I know I have won the battle.


If this dream belonged to somebody else and I were trying to analyze it, I might say that something occurred during the day that might have tempted the dreamer to pursue something of an evil nature, but I am the dreamer and I don't recall being tempted by anything.

If you have any reasonable suggestions to offer, I'd be happy to post them here. Because, to be honest, I'm stumped.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inflicting Pain on Self

Here is the newest weird dream: It appears between the asterisks.


The weirdest part about this dream was that I was an elephant. But I was an elephant with only two legs and I don't remember having a trunk. Also I was sitting at a table, crying in frustration because of something I had done that was incredibly stupid. But I can't remember what I did.

Now I'm not the elephant. I'm watching the elephant take both of its paws and slam them into the floor. The elephant is really mad at himself and he keeps slamming them, and slamming them, and slamming them until they are bruised and bloody, and pieces of flesh are hanging from the paws.

All I can think is how sad I feel for the elephant and how sorry I am for him, because I know what it's like to feel that frustration. I hurt myself too when I'm mad at myself for things I can't control.


I feel sadness after reading this dream. In dreams we often substitute animals or other people for ourselves. This dreamer obviously already instinctively knew the elephant was himself, because by admitting in the last paragraph that the dreamer hurts himself when he's frustrated, he is also admitting he is the elephant in the dream.

What I found interesting about this dream was how the dreamer removed himself from being the elephant to watching the elephant when the elephant started inflicting pain on himself. It reminded me of abuse victims who hover above their bodies while being abused – kind of like having an out-of-body experience.

Maybe this dreamer has a hard time dealing with pain and often separates himself from situations in his own life. He might have difficulty dealing with his problems directly, and instead, deals with frustration by hurting himself.

Also, I can't help but wonder if the reference to not having a trunk is somewhat sexual in nature, but it's just a guess and I don't know what that means.

Not knowing the dreamer's feelings about elephants, I would have to surmise that he has some affection for the animals and maybe some compassion for them too. In saying that I think he also has some affection and compassion for himself. Hopefully the dreamer will learn new coping skills when he again feels frustrated over things he can't control.

Another thing that comes to mind is that, "Elephants never forget." Maybe the dream is trying to tell the dreamer to remember something important. However, the cruelty in which the pain is delivered BY the dreamer TO the dreamer is definitely overkill and unnecessary.

Disclaimer: I am not a dream analyst. I am merely offering my unprofessional opinions.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby In Danger

The following dream skips a part, something I've discovered is common in my own dreams, so I am relating it as it was written. My own comments about the dream are written at the end. The dream is written between the ***.


I don't know where I was, but I think I was at the home of somebody I either knew or was visiting. A man walked into the kitchen. I could see him clearly from my position in what was probably the living room, but I didn't recognize him. He was carrying a baby.

He placed the baby on one of the shelves in the kitchen. I sat on the couch and stared in disbelief at what I was seeing. The ceilings were high, too high for me to reach. I was in a state of shock, unable to move my eyes from the baby, and I was so afraid that if I moved even one inch, the baby would fall off the shelf.

Part of the dream is missing here, but I remember him then taking the baby and placing it on a higher shelf and, before I could get up and run into the kitchen, almost in slow motion, the baby fell backward onto the floor.

Suddenly my ex-husband is around and I'm screaming and crying at the other guy for being so irresponsible and stupid, asking how he even came up with the asinine idea of putting a baby on the shelf in the first place.

I couldn't tell if the baby was alive or dead, because I could no longer see the baby, but now I'm in a room filled with people and I'm still very emotional about the baby falling backward off the shelf. I relate the incident to the group of people standing around me. Everybody is so sad. It's like we're all in mourning (for the baby? – I don't know).

In the midst of telling my emotional story, my daughter, who is completely ignoring the gravity of the situation, flips her hair back and announces, "And I just got highlights put into my hair."

I am appalled by her insensitivity and when I get in the car with my mother, who is driving, I tell her how concerned I am that my daughter is an alcoholic just like my ex. Suddenly I realize that my daughter is in the back seat. I had forgotten she was there. I turn around to look at her and she is sobbing, because she knows she's an alcoholic too.

I reach back to her and place my hand on her leg to comfort her and to tell her how much I love her, because I can see she is in so much pain. I think the dream ended there.


Let's start with the car and work backward. The position in a car is important. The dreamer was not in the driver's seat; therefore she was awarding control of the situation to her own mother, with whom she felt comfortable releasing her emotions about her daughter's behavior.

At the gathering, the daughter seems oblivious to the emotions of the people in the room. Her "flippant" attitude, which the mother attributes to drinking, is probably due to her daughter's inability to realize the focus of the conversation is not about her.

OR maybe the focus of the conversation WAS about her: the baby in the dream may represent the dreamer's daughter, because even though the original man in the dream was the one who placed the baby on the shelf, the fact that the ex showed up indicates that maybe the ex was the one who endangered the dreamer's daughter by putting her in a position where she was going to get hurt. After all, if his drinking endangered her or if the dreamer is blaming him for his daughter's drinking, the man in the beginning of the dream may represent him.

The dream could also indicate that the dreamer felt the ex placed the baby in too lofty a position and the dreamer thought that the daughter felt an obligation to live up to expectations that were "too high."

Interesting to note – the dreamer starts out relating the dream in past tense and then switches to present tense. I don't know why that's relevant; I just thought I would point it out.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dream Snippets – The End – Is It Coming After All?

Sometimes we can't remember the whole dream, so we remember only portions. But even those portions can offer a small glimpse into our lives. Here is a snippet of a dream from one dreamer.

"As I lie in bed, I’m listening to my husband move about the kitchen getting ready for work, as he normally does each day.  I hear a bowl being placed on the counter top and the jingle of silverware in the drawer. I also hear a radio announcing today’s news.

The bedroom begins to glow with a light that is too bright to look at.  I put the covers over my head, but cannot dim this increasingly blaringly (sic) bright light. I hear the news reporter say, 'Today is the last day.  It will strike momentarily.'  I blindly find my way to the kitchen where my husband is reading the newspaper, evidently unaffected by the light. I ask him if what I just heard was true – 'Is the world ending?'  He says he doesn’t know; he wasn’t listening. I respond with 'But please look at the light, there’s something coming right at us!  Oh my God, it is the end!'  To which he responds, 'Maybe so.'"

This dream is kind of scary, mostly because of the predictions concerning December 21, 2012 and an asteroid hitting the Earth at some point in the future, or soon. Maybe the dreamer feared the hype. Maybe the dream was precognitive. Who knows?

I too have had dreams about the end of the world. Intellectually I know that the "end of the world" might actually be the end of MY world – my own demise, in other words. But maybe, if numerous people are dreaming about the end of the world, the end actually is coming. Or maybe we all dream about the end of the world, because one day we all will die. One day, the end of the world will come – for us.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Your Weird Dreams: RECURRING DREAMS: "My sister, Cindy, said something very poetic that I would like to relate, 'If dreams are the pathway to the soul, then recurring dreams migh..."


My sister, Cindy, said something very poetic that I would like to relate, "If dreams are the pathway to the soul, then recurring dreams might be the speedway to the psyche."

She could be right, because while dreams tell us something about ourselves, recurring dreams are probably screaming out to us for attention. I myself have had them numerous times and, because of their repetitiveness, I have eventually been able to figure out their significance.

Because of my experience with recurring dreams, I think they probably continue until the dreamer figures out why they continue to have the same dream.

Here is an example of a recurring dream related to me recently:

"The dream always begins the same way – I am a little girl, crawling and reaching to find my way out from beneath a tall hardwood chair that has, in addition to its four legs, multiple criss-crossing beams beneath the seat of the chair. I don’t recall having ever being concerned that I might never escape, nor am I particularly afraid of my unusual circumstances, but I am definitely frustratingly challenged by the ordeal. As I endlessly navigate through the chair legs and beams, I feel convinced that there is a right path to take, if I could only identify it. But each time I poke my head through one of the beams, I find another one obstructing my progress.

The dream always ends with me still under the chair, sitting quietly contemplating my next move, and looking forward to waking up.  The dream always begins with a recognition of the familiar surroundings and a determination to begin plotting my course once again."

The dreamer relates that the irony of this dream is her lack of concern or fear. "After all, I was trapped under that chair. However, I was never desperate to escape, nor afraid that I would never escape. In fact, the more often I had the dream, the more familiar the predictable dilemma became. It was, at times, almost a welcomed dream. For someone who has spent her entire adult life fearing something or someone or some future unknown, it suggests that, at one time – many years ago, perhaps I was more self-assured about my circumstances, environment and life."

Her introspection is interesting and what happens next was very revealing to the dreamer. She goes on to say that, "Three decades after not having experienced the dream, I was dusting a chair in our bedroom that once belonged to my Great Auntie Alice and Great Auntie Margaret. I had inherited the desk and chair set from my mother after her aunts had passed away. I have been in possession of it for over 30 years. I’m always finding something new about the desk and chair – a chip here, a mar there, or sometimes it’s something that had been tucked inside one of the drawers and forgotten for years.

However, on this particular day, something struck me about the rich cherry-wood of the chair, its tall back with thin slats of wood, and the cross-beams beneath the seat.  It dawned on me that this was the chair in my dream. How was it that I hadn’t recognized it earlier?"

My belief is that dreams reveal something about the dreamer. Dreams that bring the dreamer back to an earlier time reveal something about the childhood of the dreamer. Perhaps this dreamer needed to reclaim that part of her childhood that she had been neglecting.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Lucid Dream With Adam Goldberg or Greg Giraldo – I'm Not Sure

Lucid dreams, by their very nature, fall into weird dream status. Lucid dreams occur when the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming.

Discovering that you are aware of your dream WHILE you are dreaming is one of the most magical kinds of dreams you can have. While each lucid dream in itself might not be magical, the experience itself is. Here is one lucid dream:

I was dreaming that I was in a giant mall-type place when all of a sudden I realized I was dreaming. Usually when I have a lucid dream, I fly, but this time I thought it might be nice, since I knew I could do whatever I wanted to do, to find out who my soul mate was.

So as I was flying down a large hall, I entered a room where somebody was sleeping beneath the covers of a giant round bed.

The excitement of knowing that once I removed the covers, I would know who my soul mate was, was so exhilarating, I wanted to throw back the covers immediately to see who he was.

But as I was standing there (though I don't remember my feet ever touching the ground), ready to remove the blanket, I thought, What if what I'm doing is morally or ethically wrong? Wouldn't I need his permission first to find out who he was? What if he didn't want me to know who he was? What if he didn't want to know me at all? What if meeting him was supposed to happen in real life and be a surprise? What if I wasn't supposed to know him in this lifetime?

As I was arguing with myself, I reminded myself that if I didn't hurry up and just do it, I would wake up and never know who my soul mate was. Then I reasoned with myself that on some deeply spiritual level he probably agreed to allow me to see him, so I hurriedly pulled back the covers and saw the nerdy character I remembered seeing on the television series, "Friends." I didn't even know what his name was, only that he played Chandler's roommate.

That's when it hit me – that just because you have a lucid dream, you don't necessarily have a dream come true. I had that dream years ago, and I still haven't met Adam Goldberg. Then again, maybe it was comic Greg Giraldo. They kind of look alike.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weird Dreams, Success, and Prophecy

Weird dreams fall into categories that range from the outlandish to the amazing to the brilliant.

Novelists, such as Robert Louis Stevenson and Stephen King have written books based on dreams. Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and King's Misery were conceived in dreams.

Musicians too, become inspired by dreams. Paul McCartney, for instance, awoke from a dream after hearing, Yesterday. I remember reading years ago, or perhaps I heard him say in an interview, that he had asked everybody he knew if they had heard the tune. He couldn't believe he had written it, because it had appeared to him in a dream.

Even presidents have weird dreams, though the most famous one of all was more a nightmare than a dream. President Abraham Lincoln's prophetic dream, that he related to his wife shortly before he died, told him he was going to be assassinated.

Inventors, such as Elias Howe, dream of answers that solve problems. Without the aid of a dream, it may have taken Mr. Howe a long time to come up with this simple solution that allowed thread to enter cloth through a needle – by incorporating an eye.

And when Madame C.J. Walker (cited by the Guinness Book of Records as being, through her own achievements,  the first American female millionaire) created an African American cosmetic company, she admitted that the idea for her successful hair product came from a dream.

So what about your weird dreams? Have they solved any of your problems? Have you come up with story ideas based on dreams you've had? Or are your dreams so outrageous, you don't know why you dream them?

Maybe friends or relatives have related weird dreams to you.

If so, please contribute YOUR Weird Dreams to

(photo of Paul McCartney is from wikimedia commons)

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Dr. Phil Dream of Divorce

Normally, a dream like the following wouldn't make it into Your Weird Dreams, especially after being compared to the last dream posted, but this one is slightly weird for two reasons:

1) the dreamer doesn't know Dr. Phil and
2) it is highly unlikely that Dr. Phil would ever get divorced.

Also I believe that celebrities sometimes serve as archetypes in dreams and because Dr. Phil is a man who is able to look at a problem and see clearly the steps it takes to fix the problem, when Dr. Phil enters a dream and can't fix a problem (especially when the problem is his own), the dream has made its way into weird status. Here is the dream:

I dreamed I was working in Dr. Phil's office, though it looked nothing like the offices I'd seen in backstage images of the Dr. Phil show. A new employee joined the staff and asked if he could put his desk by the door. I remember wanting to suggest that he place his desk in the area between the inside doors and the outside doors (like an entryway into a mall) if he wanted to be so far away from everybody, but I refrained myself, thinking he might not understand my sense of humor.

The next thing I see, as I grab my cell phone, is that all of the games on my phone are nothing like the ones I had on my phone previously. Some kids appeared out of nowhere, and when they saw the games, they asked if they could play on my phone, but I was so confused by what I was seeing that I couldn't pay attention to them.

I realized the phone must belong to the new guy because I had seen him carry the same type of phone, but when I went to exchange the phone, I found he was in Dr. Phil's office. I could concentrate on nothing but my phone, though, so, knowing I was being rude and knowing I should be working, but being unable to stop myself, I interrupted Dr. Phil to tell him I'd lost my phone. Nobody had seen it, but the new guy admitted that the phone in my hands was his.

I enlisted the help of everyone else in the office to tear the office apart in a frantic search for my phone. While everybody was searching for my phone, an announcement came on the television – or loudspeaker, I can't remember which – stating that Dr. Phil and Robin were getting a divorce.

While everybody else acted surprised by the announcement, I became enraged. How dare Dr. Phil and Robin get divorced! Why doesn't he read his own book, the one he wrote about marriage, Relationship Rescue?

He had to be testing us. This had to be a joke, right? He wanted to see how many people would believe that he and Robin would get divorced and I was probably part of some sick scheme to see how gullible I was.

Somehow I ended up in their home, watching their every move, waiting for evidence to prove I was right. I knew Dr. Phil was testing me, but I kept looking for proof that he was joking, and yet he and Robin kept the game going, maybe even for my benefit.


My nonprofessional interpretation: Phones represent communication. Marriage is all about communication. If anybody knows how to fix communication in a marriage, it's Dr. Phil.

The dreamer appears to be an outsider in this scenario, concerned about the marriage, but unable to do anything about it, disbelieving that a divorce will actually occur.

The dreamer also seems to be more concerned about the marriage of Dr. Phil than his or her own means of communication, so the dream appears to be about loss (cell phone), deception (Dr. Phil lying about the divorce), and indignation (that Dr. Phil would have the audacity to think people would believe his lie).

In this dream, the kids act as a distraction, but not enough of a distraction to take the dreamer's focus off the phone. The marriage of Dr. Phil and Robin probably represent a marriage of somebody in the dreamer's personal life who have what the dreamer believes is a solid marriage, but who are considering divorce as an option when the marriage could be rescued through other means.

One more thing: Shoving into Dr. Phil's office because of concern over a cell phone shows a lack of respect for personal boundaries.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Penis Nose – The Weirdest of ALL Weird Dreams (So Far)

I wish I were giving out prizes for the weirdest of all weird dreams, because if I did, this one would win the prize.

After over five decades of listening to people tell me their dreams, I can honestly say that THIS dream, far above every single other dream I have EVER heard, is the WEIRDEST with a capital "W".

And while I'm tempted to say, "Here is the short but sweet dream," I will refrain from using that terminology.

Here is the dream as related to me by a woman (italicized text located between parentheses is mine):

I was looking in a mirror and everything looked normal. I looked like me. Nothing was unusual.

But the second I looked down, my nose looked like a penis and it had testicles hanging (probably where the nostrils would be?) from it. I was confused so I looked back in the mirror and everything was normal again, but when I looked down again, I had a penis hanging where my nose should be.

So I looked back in the mirror and I was fine again. This kept going on. Every time I looked in the mirror I was me. Every time I looked down, I had a penis hanging on my face.

End of dream.

My interpretation? Oh, I could say sooooo many things here, but I won't. Since the dreamer herself doesn't know the meaning of this dream, I'm not going to presume that I know either.

So I will leave the possibilities to your imagination and your interpretation.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freddy Krueger Visits A Dreamer

Recently I received the following weird dreams from a reader of Your Weird Dreams. I don't know if the dreamer is male or female, so I hope the person doesn't mind if I refer to him/her as female. I apologize in advance if the person who emailed me is a man.

When she was around 3 years old, the little girl had moved away from the city and visited an elderly lady who lived next door to her. When the old woman turned to face the child, the old woman's face had a "cartoon animated monsters mouth."

The old lady chased the child and threatened to eat her.

What makes this "dream" weird, beyond the obvious "neighbor eats child" part, is that the child was not asleep and it was the middle of the day (end of dream).

Here is my interpretation about this first dream: I believe that children have the ability to dream while awake. Reality is sometimes blurred with small children who don't yet understand the concept of dreaming. I also believe that some children are gifted with great imaginations and amazing perceptions. Quite possibly, the old lady who lived next door WAS something of a monster and the child could sense danger.

When you consider the fact that she had just moved – a major change in a child of only three – you can understand why she would be frightened by the strange woman living next door, particularly if she was a sensitive and impressionable little girl and the woman gave off scary vibes.

The second dream also occurred when the dreamer was a young child. Her mother always tucked her in at night, but on one particular night, as her "mum" entered the room and spoke, "it was not her voice; it was like Freddy Krueger from the horror films".

But her mother was not the one who was standing in front of her. According to the reader, "I froze and started hyper-ventilating." And though her mother tried to calm her down, every time her mother spoke, the little girl heard a monster's voice. After about 5 minutes, the mother's voice gradually softened.

What is interesting about this experience is that the mother vouched for her memory of that night's experience. The dreamer states, "so I know I wasn't asleep."

My take on her second dream – parents sometimes appear as monsters to their children, particularly when they raise their voices or contort their faces. Seeing parents and caretakers as monsters can happen when the people who are caring for them lose control. The loss of control frightens children.

But another explanation could be that her mother was possessed (highly unlikely) or that they had ghosts living in their home. I've seen enough episodes of Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal to know that children CAN access "the other side."

Afterthought: In light of a dream I recently posted, Nightmare While Awake: A True Paranormal Experience, I've come to believe that a period of time exists just prior to falling asleep when the likelihood of feeling awake cannot always be trusted. I think that sometimes we are actually sleeping.

Please send Your Weird Dreams to I may edit them and I may include my own interpretations. You are welcome to include yours as well.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NEEDED: Your Weird Dreams

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Maybe one of them will jog your memory about a weird dream you might have had.

If you would like to share your weird dreams, please send them to

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Though some dreams may be of a sexual nature, Your Weird Dreams will accept ABSOLUTELY NO PORNOGRAPHY!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Nightmare While Awake: A True Paranormal Experience

The year was 1973. The room was dark except for shadowed branches dancing on the walls. I was alone, awaiting that moment of surrender when my body would cave to the demands of sleep. But sleep never came.

My eyes sprung open at the mention of my name. Thereeeeesa, the voice whispered long and slow. Thereeeeesa.

As if the planets had spun out of control, their centrifugal force racing at a speed too fast for my mind to comprehend, I felt myself plastered to the bed. Every time I tried to lift my arms, my legs, and even my head, I remained glued in place. Panic swept over me in a drenching sweat as I tried in desperation to force myself out of my bed.

Though I poured every bit of strength into every imagined move in my efforts to stand up, I felt my energy deplete with each attempted movement. A kind of prickly numbness stabbed every pore in my skin while I listened to the reverberation of my heart thumping in my ears – drowned out only by my name being called again, Thereeeeesa.

Something had to be holding me down, I reasoned, something I couldn't see, a ghost or a spirit maybe. All I could think to do was trick whatever it was that kept calling my name.

Using my strength of will, I tried to force myself into an upright position before this thing, this ghost, this spirit, this voice, became fully aware that I was even thinking about it.

In one swift movement, I swung my left shoulder toward my right. The move was too fast. I crashed to the floor. Leaden legs, cement block appendages wouldn't allow me to crawl, let alone walk. Thereeeeesa, the whisper taunted me.

The phone sat on a table across the room. In terrified panic, I realized I had to reach the phone to call my mother. The hour was late, but my mother would hear the panic in my voice, would recognize my fear. My mother would calm me down.

I placed a hand on the wooden floor in front of me and heard the wet slap as each palm hit the ground. Inch by inch I dragged my way across the room to the phone. I reached up to grab it.

The second my finger touched the receiver, I was back on the bed. Thereeeeesa.

I could see my body glisten in the moonlight, sweat oozing from every pore after my struggle to get to the other side of the room.

If only my mother could hear my psychic cries for help. I had to get to the phone. I had to stop the voice from...from what? A ghost? The spirit of something evil? Who was haunting me?

Maybe I was imagining the voice, but the air felt suffocating. It closed in around me, its heaviness clinging to me like clammy fingers. I had to get out of the straightjacket that held me tight to my bed.

With every ounce of energy I could muster, I flung myself forward and landed, once again, on the floor. Again, I dragged myself across the floor as I listened to the squeak of my hands. Again, I reached for the phone. Again, I grasped it in relief as I pressed the first button.

Instantly I was back on the bed listening to the rapid drumming of my heart. Maybe I could make it to my sister's room. I had to tell her that somebody was in the house. I needed her help.

I could almost see the hands of the clock race in circles as the night passed in segments of time. I must have blacked out occasionally. What else could account for the fact that one second I was on the floor and the next I was on the bed with no memory of having crawled back to the bed?

I tried once more to get across the room. Plop. Onto the floor. Slap. Slap. Slap. I kept getting closer to my sister's room. Dragging. Dragging cement legs behind me. I reached up. Heard my sister breathing. Grabbed the blanket.

Thereeeeesa. I found myself back on my bed.

I remembered an old Indian story I'd heard about how facing my fears head on would make me stronger. With determination, I decided that if I could make it to the end of the hall, to the kitchen, I would no longer be afraid.

Somehow I found the strength to pull myself into an upright position and with rigid legs and a stiff back walked intently toward the kitchen. With wobbly legs, I passed my daughter's room. I watched her sit upright in her bed. Her haunted look surprised me and she spoke to me as if in a trance. Very clearly she told me, "Don't go in there," and then fell backward on the bed.

I would soon see that same image in a movie that hadn't yet come out, The Exorcist.

I was terrified that I would find myself on the bed again if I didn't move fast enough, but I was also terrified of moving forward. It must be a test, I thought. If I stopped now I would never know if I had the courage to face the demon that called my name.

With more determination than ever before, I moved cautiously toward the kitchen. Soon it would be morning. I could see the dawning light filter through the windows.

The hallway stretched out before me. The kitchen suddenly seemed so far away. With trepidation, I moved forward as if in slow motion, each shaky leg wobbling in front of the other.

And as the morning yawned itself awake, the dancing shadows disappeared. I made it! I made it to the kitchen. And now, with slivers of sunlight peaking through the drapes, the kitchen was empty. Nothing was there. The spirit, whoever or whatever it might have been, departed with the night. I went to bed and fell asleep.

During breakfast with my sister and my daughter only hours later, I related from the night before what I thought must have been a horrible nightmare. But just before I finished, I asked my daughter one question: Did you tell me anything about the kitchen last night?

"Yeah," she said as she cocked her head to the side, remembering. "I told you not to go in there."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dream of Dead Grandpa Hanging In The Shower

You can already tell by the title that this dream definitely falls into the weird category.

I will tell the dream in first person as if it happened to me. Here is the dream as related to me:

My mom told me I had to take a shower. I protested because my grandfather (her dad) was hanging naked in the shower – dead.

Mom told me, "It's OK. He's dead. Now take your shower."

It was really creepy. I didn't want to get undressed in front of him, even if he was dead, and I certainly didn't want to take a shower with him hanging there in front of me.

But mom convinced me that it would be fine, so I started to get ready to take a shower. And then I saw his head move. That's when I woke up.


OK, this dream falls into the category of WHAT? I mean, how could anybody possibly interpret this dream? Really! I wonder if even Gayle Delaney would be able to figure this one out. And she's an expert in dream analysis.

So I'm asking you, the reader, for your analysis. What do you think this dream means? Maybe somebody out there has a dream dictionary that explains what a dead grandfather hanging in the shower means.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your Weird Dreams Inaugural Blog

Welcome to the first edition of Your Weird Dreams. I don't know why I didn't start this blog a long time ago. I have always been fascinated with dreams and curious about the role they play in our lives.

I've read dream analysis books and dream symbol books, but no book I've ever read has explained the process of dream analysis better than Gayle Delaney's book, Living Your Dreams. I discuss her methods of dream analysis in my article, Interpreting Your Dreams – Dream Interpretation. Once you read how she dissects dreams, you'll be fascinated with learning about how to interpret your own.

Please click Interpreting Your Dreams – Dream Interpretation and learn how you can use YOUR personal dream symbols to analyze your dreams based upon Gayle Delaney's methods. After reading the article, you may decide you'll want to buy the book.

Delaney admits that while some symbols are universal, oftentimes, especially in dreams, symbols can be personal. By applying Delaney's methods you can discover your own symbolism, once you realize what they are, to analyze your dreams.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to understand your dreams using her methods. To get you started, I've included a link to Gayle Delaney's book, Living Your Dreams, on the sidebar. At its current rate of $4.73, you might want to make the investment.

Dreams are sometimes so mysterious, analyzing them can be difficult. But once in a while the dreams are so clearly understandable, it takes no book (and no genius) to figure them out. Here is an example of a dream that even a novice dream interpreter could figure out:

When I was a young mother, I raised my oldest daughter alone. Keeley was a rambunctious little girl who was feisty, intelligent, boisterous, loud, and VERY curious. She talked sometimes without breathing, she rarely slept, and I couldn't keep up with her. She always had a lot to say, and she wasn't comfortable unless every available sound wave included her voice. Occasionally I needed a break from the incessant chatter.

Now that you have the background...

(have to interrupt for a second – Keeley, if you're reading this, I have always loved you dearly. Now back to the blog...) might be able to figure out the meaning of my dream.

I was visiting a friend and noticed a katydid attempting to get inside her apartment. As I always did back then, I grabbed a bug spray can to get rid of the pest, but the katydid kept coming at me and coming at me.

Deciding that I might be able to get the bug outside by holding the spray can in the direction of the door, I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. The bug finally backed off and went out of the door. I slammed the door shut and breathed a sigh of relief, but then noticed an opening at the bottom of the door. Somehow a chunk of the door had broken off.

The katydid reached in with one of its legs. I grabbed the spray can again and completely drenched the insect. The katydid's feet suddenly became human feet, though, and when I opened the door, I saw Keeley drenched in bug spray.

When I awoke from that dream, I sobbed so hard I couldn't breathe. Because even in my own interpretation I could see that I was viewing my oldest daughter as a "pest" who was "bugging" me. What bothered me and what caused me to sob so uncontrollably was that I was trying to get rid of her in my dream.

What happened as a result of that dream and the impact it had on me, was that I started paying more attention to the chatter and less attention to how it was bothering me. I was fortunate that I was able to learn from my dream, because in this case my dream helped me realize a behavior I wanted to change.


Over the next couple of weeks, I will be explaining more unusual dreams, but before I delve into dreams I want to introduce to you, I would like to ask you to tell me about your weird, unusual, or strange dreams. Just send your weird dreams to – they may be edited for a variety of reasons, but the gist of the dream will remain intact.