Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dream of Confusion, Trust, and Gullibility

I was in a foreign country with a family who decided to take me to the store with them to show me how they bought fresh vegetables in their country. I don’t remember ever talking to them, though, and I had never before met them. 

The “store,” however, held no fresh vegetables and the only way to get them was to pay for them ahead of time, receive a coupon for the items ordered, and then travel to a farm to get whatever items showed on the coupons. Not knowing the customs or the way things were done in this country, I allowed myself to believe them. They looked trustworthy.

I followed the family to the parking lot and then abruptly lost them. Not knowing where to find them, I searched everywhere and eventually found myself inside a building standing on the other side of a window where I saw them sitting in an interrogation room. Only a glass separated us. I could see sadness and confusion in the eyes of the mom. One of them saw me sitting there, but nobody told me I could come in and nobody let me know what was going on.


Other than going to Canada for a very short stay, I’ve never been to any other foreign country, and Canada wouldn’t be my first choice for buying fresh vegetables. I have always been gullible and want to believe people are honest and trustworthy. Even when things don’t make sense to me, I try to creatively force nonsense to make sense. Obviously that tactic never works – nonsense literally means, “no sense.” 

So maybe the dream was telling me to be wary of trusting people who were trying to sell me something, physical or metaphysical, and that I should think twice about buying anything, even if the produce (idea) is fresh (new). Time to trust my inner guides.