Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Strange Coincidence in Two Strangers' Dreams

A few months ago I started having recurring dreams, which were extremely frightening and realistic. It was never the same dream, but it seemed to pick up where the other had left off or a short time after the last dream, so I consider them to be recurring. The very first dream, I remember there were several lines, in a domed structure (much as described in an article I read on your site) I was in one such line along with my sisters cousins and other relatives; mostly girls and young children (it is worth noting that in real life I don’t have any sisters). I had the odd sensation I was in a ‘bad’ line, although everyone (guards wearing uniforms, I cant remember exactly what they looked like) told us that we would be fine, because we were children. However, once I got to the head of the line, the guard looked me over and decided to put me in a different line. Because I had been told I was in a ‘safe’ line I was extremely scared; and also, my cousins and sisters (who I needed to protect, something had happened to the adults) where still in the other line, but after he yelled at me and told me to get in line, I did. I remember throughout all the following dreams having extreme guilt that I listened to the guard.
It turns out that the line my sisters and cousins were in was in fact a line headed for the gas chambers. I vividly can recall having to pile the bodies of my relatives together for mass burial/burning. This was the first dream, and the rest surrounded my trying to assist in the escape of those new to the ‘camp’ (it was referred to in my dream as something else, but I’m pretty sure it was either not an actual word, or not English, and I can’t quite recall it). And those who were to die soon. Because I was suspected in helping them, I was transported from camp to camp, I recall there being 7 in total that I either visited or heard about. Eventually, my luck ran out, and I too visited the gas chambers. This was over the period of a month, with as many as 3 dreams a week.
I had obviously heard of the Holocoust, so I assumed my dreams were about that, but nothing I was studying in school while or right before the dreams suggested it, so I don’t know what started the dreams. This was around 4 months ago, and I am now studying the Holocaust for western civ. The pictures of the camps and death-heaps are disturbing, as they are to most of my friends when they study. However, more so is the remembering from my dream; long before I studied the holocaust in any depth. Remembering the smells, and most of all the fear of the camps, pretty much for myself… it is extremely disconcerting. I saw an article similar to my dream, and thought I would email mine. Weird dream for sure.
The previous dream was written exactly as the dreamer wrote it. In her post, she referred to a previous Your Weird Dreams post entitled, Past Life in Holocaust? In that post I relate a dream I had about being in a dome-shaped structure. In that dream my father and I were standing in two different lines. I am amazed by the similarity of these two dreams, dreamed by complete strangers, both of whom thought their dreams related to the Holocaust.
After reading this dreamer's post, however, I wonder if some of us harbor memories from past lives and that located in areas of our brains that we don't access or use are vaults of information that are hidden from us during our lifetimes. Perhaps we tap into those vaults during our dreams and try to make sense of the lives we live today in relation to the lives we may have lived.
The Holocaust, led by Hitler and his Nazi followers, annihilated millions of people. Who's to say that some of those people didn't reincarnate with memories of that atrocity, and that they can reach those horrors only through their dreams (or nightmares).

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