Sunday, November 10, 2013

When You Die In Your Dreams

In writing this post, I'm trying to remember the last dream or nightmare I had that frightened me so badly that I felt truly scared. I honestly can't remember. But the dream, or more accurately the nightmare, I had early this morning was truly frightening. I invite you to read, Death Dream - I Dreamed I Was Deadby clicking the link

Dreams of driving too fast could mean that that I am losing control of my life. Dreams of dying may mean that a part of me has died and that a new life is beginning. Or it could be a premonition. I'm hoping it's not a premonition and that my life is changing – dramatically – for the better.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Asked Out By 3 Men in 1 Weekend

While purchasing tickets for some event I wanted to attend, the guy who sold the tickets, after flirting with me for a while, asked me out. I said yes. Later, possibly the next day, somebody living in the apartment complex where I was living, asked me out, and I said yes again. Later that same day a man with two boys around the ages of 7 and 5 asked me out, and I said yes a third time.

All three men were good looking guys, and all seemed to be really nice. One of them looked exactly like the character that plays Jack on the television show, Revenge. At one point I was walking by a park close to my apartment and his two boys were playing together. I asked them their names and then decided that was probably a bad idea, because they didn't know me, so I told them they shouldn't tell me their names, because I was a stranger to them. Their father came up just then, smiled, and told me their names.

When I attended the event, the woman behind the counter knew my name before I told her what it was. "How did you know my name?" I asked her. She told me it was because somebody had left flowers for me. I didn't understand how somebody giving me flowers would help another person to recognize me, but I didn't ask and when I got home, I discovered that the man who had sold me the ticket had also sent me flowers. I asked my oldest daughter if she had seen them and she told me that my grandson had put them somewhere. I found them on the floor in the next room.

I grappled with dating 3 men at the same time, though in my younger years, I always dated 3 at the same time – for insurance purposes – I wanted a backup plan in case 2 of them had made other plans for the same night. In the dream, I decided to be upfront with all three of them from the beginning.

What makes this dream weird is that I haven't dated in probably 20 years. To have 3 guys ask me out in 1 weekend is hilarious to me. What's even funnier is that when I attended my daughter's wedding last weekend, one of her friends told me that if I ever needed a date, I could call him. His name, however, wasn't Jack.

Just yesterday I used the name, Jack, when I wrote a post about goal setting, How to Achieve Your Goals, so that might be the reason the name, Jack, came up in this dream. I do wonder from time to time if anybody is out there for me. But with my track record of dating only drug addicts, alcoholics, stalkers, or people who don't care about anything or anybody, I've decided that I must be putting out some very weird vibes that say, "Use me, abuse me, then toss me in the trash. Or, just completely ignore me."

So maybe my dating life will play out in my dreams. Or maybe I should set some goals for achieving love. I wonder. Oh, and one more weird thing about this dream – I don't live in an apartment…hmm…maybe I should move.

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