Friday, July 12, 2013

Precognitive Dream Comes True

The following dream was sent to me from a trusted friend. Not that I'm always suspicious of precognitive dreams, but when somebody journals a dream prior to the events of the dream occurring, the dreamer knows the dream was precognitive. Here, then is the dream: 

"Tim, my nephew, was in my dream. He had people from Chicago chasing him and wanted help fighting them off. He was appealing to everyone in the family to help him. I remember telling everyone around not to get involved in his fights, that he brought them on himself and they could get hurt. He looked like a gang member, dressed in baggy clothes, a beater shirt, a team jersey, a sports ball cap, and had studded earrings. Feels like there was more, but I can’t remember.  The big thing was that there was a sense of urgency and danger, but at the same time caution in not wanting anyone to get involved. 

The next day.... 

That morning, it seemed for some reason that June 15th was "something?" I journaled my strange dream as I always do when I can remember them. My husband and I went out to eat at a local club. Headed to the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of a young man seated in a chair and in the back of my mind I thought he looked like Tim. Then I remembered part of the dream I had - he was in it! The more I thought, I remembered that it was Tim's 21st birthday on the 15th. I couldn't remember all the details that I had journaled hours ago, I only remembered he was in the dream. When I came out of the bathroom, my husband was standing nearby talking to none other than Tim! I was right, it WAS him! I walked up and was totally shocked - Tim was wearing the same outfit he had on in my dream, even the same earrings! I could tell by his glassy eyes that he had been ringing in "21" with drinks - he looked buzzed. I hugged him and wished him a happy birthday, then hung back to observe him and listen to the conversation. He introduced a young man who was his companion and told us "he's not drinking, he is driving us." The young man was thin, wirey, and dressed in similar clothes that I call the gangster look. He did seem nice enough, and he didn't look like he had been drinking, so that was good. 

When we left, I told my husband about the dream, that I journaled it before we came there, and he could read it if he didn't believe it! He did and agreed it was pretty freaky! The more I told him, the Chicago part with the danger of people coming after Tim came back to mind. I worried that maybe I missed a chance to warn Tim about trouble he should avoid because I couldn't recall that part in his presence. To date, it's been four days and we haven't heard of any trouble, but I still have to wonder because this young man has had his share of trouble."


My advice to this friend is absolutely to warn her nephew. I've had precognitive dreams that took six months before they proved to be true. I always heed warnings, whether they occur in waking life or in dreams.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Russell Brand Prompts Barack and Michelle Obama Dream

Yesterday, after watching a rerun of Russell Brand on The Ellen Show, I started researching the 38-year-old dynamo. The man has so much energy, he could light up New York City just by plugging his nervous system into their power source. I've always believed comedians to be highly intelligent, because they are so quick witted, can assess a situation in a mater of milliseconds, and relate it in a perceptually humorous, but accurately truthful way. 

Whatever comes out of his Russell Brand's mouth doesn't go through filters of any kind. Whereas you might think, "Oh, no, I can't say that because somebody somewhere might get offended," Russell Brand says it anyway.

If you can stretch your imagination, Brand and I have a remote connection. He knows Oliver Stone, because Oliver Stone has produced or will produce Russell Brand's documentary on happiness. A friend of mine, Jim Riordan, worked as a consultant on Oliver Stone's 1991 film, The Doors, after Stone contacted him because Jim wrote, Break on Through, a story about Jim Morrison. Jim then wrote a biography (published in 1995 with Stone's permission and participation) about Oliver Stone, STONE: Biography of Oliver Stone

I came across Russell Brand's blog and realized that he is not only highly intelligent, but also very eloquent. He discussed British political figures in his blog, so it wasn't a stretch for my subconscious to consider that he would make a great president (if he wasn't British). He's smart, he's funny, he has so much energy, he could probably finish in a day what it might take a normal person a month to complete, so I'm thinking that's why I went to bed dreaming about President Obama and his wife, Michelle.

Remember, what I am about to relate is a dream. 

In the dream I was working at a previous job and since my birthday falls in the month of July, I was told I could take off half the day (even though the day didn't fall on my birthday, which was confusing to me, but when you're told you can take time off, you don't question why).

But then suddenly I am babysitting for five of my grandchildren and President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle stop by. I'm in a manufactured home that belongs to – somebody – maybe one of my kids (in the dream world, some things are unfamiliar, but for some reason they make perfect sense in a dream). Michelle sits down next to me on the couch and looks around.

"I could make this work," she tells me. 

I look around too. "Sure. You could just line the walls with shelves and you could make it work."

Leaving now seems inappropriate, but I really want time off, so I go outside and I see the president sitting on one of the upper bleachers (apparently the back yard of this particular manufactured home is a stadium) with his feet dangling over the edge, and I see him surrounded by folders. He is obviously working. Now I think, well, I can't leave the kids with Michelle, but again, I really want some time off and I figure she can handle it.

Real life intruded my dream at this point when my grandson, Zac, climbed into bed with me to tell me his daddy had gone to work.

As I mentioned above, I can see why thinking of Russell Brand would automatically trigger my brain to dream of Barack and Michelle Obama. Can you see the connection?

Maybe you are trying to figure out why you've had a certain dream. Go back through your day. Thoughts you've had throughout the day trigger connections that result in dreams – as you can see by my brain's response to the thought about Russell Brand becoming president. Do you have a weird dream you'd like to share? Send it to

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Photo of Russell Brand: Author, Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia

Photo of President and Michelle Obama – wikimedia commons

Monday, July 8, 2013

Your Prophetic Dreams

Many parents might be familiar with prophetic dreams because they have had dreams that warn them about dangers to avoid.

Prophetic dreams, like all dreams are sometimes difficult to interpret. When my oldest daughter was a toddler, I kept dreaming that somebody (I never knew who that somebody was) was planning on kidnapping my child. I alerted the day car provider and warned family and friends to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious. In the early 1970s, kidnapping really wasn't much of an issue, but I was on high alert throughout her childhood.

Then several years later I learned that her father and his wife were seeking sole custody (never happened, but plans were discussed) of her. My dream interpreted the legal attempt as a kidnapping.

Several times I've had dreams about plane crashes. The morning following the dream, I would learn of a plane crash, the details of which nearly perfectly matched my dream.

Then the other morning my son woke up to tell me that he had a dream about a plane crash. You can read about it here: Fatal Plane Crash Dream Comes True

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