Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maybe Now I'll Get Noticed

We entered the dark theater-type arena, the son of a friend of mine and me. I heard the roar of a lion, but I knew, having been there before, that the roar came from a giant mechanical animal with a huge trunk, more like a dinosaur than an elephant.

Chris had never been to this arena before but he apparently knew about the challenge before him, because I didn't tell him that by shooting through the trunk, he would make it through this first challenge. He immediately aimed through the trunk, shot through it, and passed the first challenge. Now it was my turn.

The audience included some famous actors I'd never seen before in person and I remember thinking, wow, this game is gaining some attention. Doris Roberts was one of the people who sat down in the bleachers. I sat in a corner on a stack of chairs awaiting my turn, knowing that after this challenge, one far more sinister awaited me.  But the dream ended with me thinking that maybe with this much attention, I could get some of these people to read my blog.

And now for the interpretation – I've been trying to reach this friend whose son appeared in my dream to interview him for a blog I want to write about him. He hasn't responded, not because he's ignoring me, but because he rarely goes online.

I'm not sure why I've had this dream before. It was very scary the first time I had it because I didn't know what was expected of me. I wasn't frightened this time, because I knew the drill. 

As far as lots of famous actors appearing in this arena are concerned, I think that because this friend I want to interview has been involved with many famous people in his past, and because I was with his son, the actors were there to support him and his son. I don't know if he ever met Doris Roberts.

So why did my dream include Doris Roberts? I keep seeing Everybody Loves Raymond in various places (I LOVED that show), so maybe that's why she appeared in my dream.

My immediate thought just before I awoke was that maybe some of those people would read my blog after I completed the challenge. Apparently my subconscious believes that I have to fight mechanical dinosaurs in order to garner any attention.

Hmm. I wonder what my subconscious interpreted mechanical dinosaurs to mean.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Share Your Weird Dreams

I know you have them. We all have them. Sometimes we can't remember them or we remember only snippets. That's OK. Even snippets will work for this blog.

For instance, last night I dreamed about a VERY tall man. The man was so tall, in fact, that he could look into the window of what appeared to be a twelve-story apartment building with ease. When I tried to get others to look in his direction, I couldn't get anyone's attention fast enough, so I assumed that nobody believed me.

Why did I have this dream? Perhaps I was talking about men or I was thinking about my ideal man, and maybe the man I've created in my mind to be my perfect soulmate is ultimately impossible. I think I'll bring my expectations down a few notches. He doesn't have to be twelve-stories high.

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