Sunday, August 19, 2012

Share Your Weird Dreams

I know you have them. We all have them. Sometimes we can't remember them or we remember only snippets. That's OK. Even snippets will work for this blog.

For instance, last night I dreamed about a VERY tall man. The man was so tall, in fact, that he could look into the window of what appeared to be a twelve-story apartment building with ease. When I tried to get others to look in his direction, I couldn't get anyone's attention fast enough, so I assumed that nobody believed me.

Why did I have this dream? Perhaps I was talking about men or I was thinking about my ideal man, and maybe the man I've created in my mind to be my perfect soulmate is ultimately impossible. I think I'll bring my expectations down a few notches. He doesn't have to be twelve-stories high.

See? I KNOW you've had weird dreams. Send them to

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