Thursday, July 26, 2012

Freddy Krueger Meets Mrs. Doubtfire

I was in a bed that wasn't mine, though it felt as if it could have been mine. Everything prior to this part of the dream has disappeared from my mind. What I do remember, though, starts with my expectations that someone was going to join me in bed.

I felt him climb in bed behind me, so I rolled over to face him. He wasn't who I thought he was going to be, so I rolled over again. His hands started to crawl all over me, so I grabbed what I think was a hatchet, turned around, and chopped off his arm, but the arm kept clawing and scratching me.
So I grabbed the arm claw that I had just chopped off and jumped out of bed holding it. I quickly ran to the railing on the balcony that was right outside the door and threw it over the ledge where it was immediately run over by a truck. However, it still worked. 

I don't remember feeling frightened – just frustrated that it wouldn't stop moving. 

When I awoke I felt I as if I was in the middle of a Mrs. Doubtfire/A Nightmare on Elm Street movie (Mrs. Doubtfire's face got run over by a truck, and Freddy Krueger's sword-bladed hand ran across a floor).  
In looking back at the night prior to the dream, I remembered talking with different people about both movies: Mrs. Doubtfire and A Nightmare on Elm Street, so I know why I combined these two movies in a dream. Strange thing was, a couple of days after I had this dream somebody else again mentioned Mrs. Doubtfire

This dream reminds me of another dream I had years ago when I was also lying in bed. I was awakened by a bright light and I was so excited, because I thought the light was God. But then the presence climbed into bed behind me and I knew it wasn't God but something very sinister.
Another possible reason for having this new dream is that my mind is already working on combining different TV shows and movies to use in a sitcom I created. The sitcom is entitled, In Character. If you click the link you can read the logline and synopsis for the show. Look to the left for Spinoff Contest Winners.

If my teleplay gets produced, I just might just have to use Mrs. Doubtfire and Freddy Krueger together in a future scene. Now all I have to do is figure out who that claw belonged to.

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