Saturday, September 19, 2015

Impossible Dreams

Every once in a while you’ll have a dream that you KNOW is NEVER going to happen! I just recently had such a dream. In this dream, I discovered through other people that my sister was pregnant and I was infuriated that she hadn’t told me herself. My other sister was also holding back a secret that I discovered she had kept from me, and I was so upset with both of them and my mother, that I decided I would never see or speak to any of them again.

The reason this dream is impossible is two-fold. For one thing, the chances of me disengaging from my family are nil. They might disengage from me for some reason, but I would never initiated a cut from them. 

Secondly, my sister is 62-years-old. Her baby-making days are long gone. Unless God bestows upon her the title of Miracle Mom, she will NOT be giving birth, not in this lifetime anyway.

HOWEVER, just because everything in the dream is impossible doesn’t mean that some aspect of it IS possible. Maybe somebody my sister represents, who has been having difficulty getting pregnant may soon discover that something she thought was impossible, isn’t.

When something you dream seems impossible, ask what elements of it could be true or if something or somebody in the dream represents something or someone else.