Monday, January 21, 2013

Meeting My Soul Mate

Several people were sitting on bleachers in a gymnasium watching a performance of some kind. I noticed Adam Goldberg among the performers, and I thought, there he is, the man who is supposed to be my soul mate (determined from a previous lucid dream). 

I avoided making eye contact with him because my discovery that he was my soul mate came only from that dream, and I was fully lucid in that dream. 

But despite my ignoring him, at the end of the performance he walked up to me and asked me if I would like to accompany him to some event the following night. I wasn't sure I wanted to drive all the way to Chicago for the event, but I wanted to play out the "soul mate" prediction from my previous dream, so I considered going.

Suddenly I am at home, talking to Adam on the phone, walking from room to room (in this dream I lived in a LONG home with several rooms) trying to get away from the noise of everybody living with me so I could hear what he was saying.

Unsure of how he might respond to what I was about to reveal, I decide anyway to tell him about my prior dream in which I discovered that he was my soul mate. I shared something else with him, too (can't remember what that was right now), but I didn't want to let him know my age or that I was a grandmother and great grandmother, since he might think I was much older than I already am.

In the midst of this dream, I think of my friend, Katherine (died in 2007), who would have loved to have heard about actually meeting "the man of my dreams".

Now Adam and I are sitting on the floor. Two babies and some other woman are with us. Adam is "playing" with the baby on his lap, and the other baby is sitting between him and the other woman. Adam is holding an object that could potentially hurt the baby and he's pointing it toward the baby's face, especially her eyes. She doesn't flinch, but she doesn't smile either. I wonder if she's played this game with him before and knows not to move, but I can't help myself from warning him that he might hurt the baby. I'm terrified that any small movement she makes will blind her. I ask him to please stop what he is doing. 

There the dream ends.

What I find interesting in this dream is that while most of this dream was an actual dream, part of it was lucid, as was the entire dream I had about Adam Goldberg several years ago. You can read A Lucid Dream With Adam Goldberg or Greg Giraldo – I'm Not Sure by clicking the link. 

Another element of this dream that I find interesting, as it was in the previous dream I had about Adam Goldberg, is the soul mate component. Never, and I mean never, would I date a man who played dangerous games with babies that could potentially harm or kill them. I have too many babies in my life to protect from men like the one in my dream.

I'm not saying that the real Adam Goldberg is anything like the Adam Goldberg I dream about, but if he represents someone in my personal life, I'm glad I'm not dating anyone. My antennas are up!

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Too Bizarre to Explain

I love finding weird dreams by accident. Through one of my writing affiliations on Facebook, I discovered the following dream: Some Dreams Are Just Too Bizarre To Explain.

I found the dream so interesting, I asked the author if she would mind sharing it on this blog. She obviously said OK, because here it is.

To read the dream, please click the link. You'll find comments I made about the dream at the bottom of her dream.

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