Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Lucid Dream With Adam Goldberg or Greg Giraldo – I'm Not Sure

Lucid dreams, by their very nature, fall into weird dream status. Lucid dreams occur when the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming.

Discovering that you are aware of your dream WHILE you are dreaming is one of the most magical kinds of dreams you can have. While each lucid dream in itself might not be magical, the experience itself is. Here is one lucid dream:

I was dreaming that I was in a giant mall-type place when all of a sudden I realized I was dreaming. Usually when I have a lucid dream, I fly, but this time I thought it might be nice, since I knew I could do whatever I wanted to do, to find out who my soul mate was.

So as I was flying down a large hall, I entered a room where somebody was sleeping beneath the covers of a giant round bed.

The excitement of knowing that once I removed the covers, I would know who my soul mate was, was so exhilarating, I wanted to throw back the covers immediately to see who he was.

But as I was standing there (though I don't remember my feet ever touching the ground), ready to remove the blanket, I thought, What if what I'm doing is morally or ethically wrong? Wouldn't I need his permission first to find out who he was? What if he didn't want me to know who he was? What if he didn't want to know me at all? What if meeting him was supposed to happen in real life and be a surprise? What if I wasn't supposed to know him in this lifetime?

As I was arguing with myself, I reminded myself that if I didn't hurry up and just do it, I would wake up and never know who my soul mate was. Then I reasoned with myself that on some deeply spiritual level he probably agreed to allow me to see him, so I hurriedly pulled back the covers and saw the nerdy character I remembered seeing on the television series, "Friends." I didn't even know what his name was, only that he played Chandler's roommate.

That's when it hit me – that just because you have a lucid dream, you don't necessarily have a dream come true. I had that dream years ago, and I still haven't met Adam Goldberg. Then again, maybe it was comic Greg Giraldo. They kind of look alike.

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  1. On September 29, 2010, Greg Giraldo passed away. RIP, Greg Giraldo.