Friday, August 6, 2010

Dr. Phil Dream of Divorce

Normally, a dream like the following wouldn't make it into Your Weird Dreams, especially after being compared to the last dream posted, but this one is slightly weird for two reasons:

1) the dreamer doesn't know Dr. Phil and
2) it is highly unlikely that Dr. Phil would ever get divorced.

Also I believe that celebrities sometimes serve as archetypes in dreams and because Dr. Phil is a man who is able to look at a problem and see clearly the steps it takes to fix the problem, when Dr. Phil enters a dream and can't fix a problem (especially when the problem is his own), the dream has made its way into weird status. Here is the dream:

I dreamed I was working in Dr. Phil's office, though it looked nothing like the offices I'd seen in backstage images of the Dr. Phil show. A new employee joined the staff and asked if he could put his desk by the door. I remember wanting to suggest that he place his desk in the area between the inside doors and the outside doors (like an entryway into a mall) if he wanted to be so far away from everybody, but I refrained myself, thinking he might not understand my sense of humor.

The next thing I see, as I grab my cell phone, is that all of the games on my phone are nothing like the ones I had on my phone previously. Some kids appeared out of nowhere, and when they saw the games, they asked if they could play on my phone, but I was so confused by what I was seeing that I couldn't pay attention to them.

I realized the phone must belong to the new guy because I had seen him carry the same type of phone, but when I went to exchange the phone, I found he was in Dr. Phil's office. I could concentrate on nothing but my phone, though, so, knowing I was being rude and knowing I should be working, but being unable to stop myself, I interrupted Dr. Phil to tell him I'd lost my phone. Nobody had seen it, but the new guy admitted that the phone in my hands was his.

I enlisted the help of everyone else in the office to tear the office apart in a frantic search for my phone. While everybody was searching for my phone, an announcement came on the television – or loudspeaker, I can't remember which – stating that Dr. Phil and Robin were getting a divorce.

While everybody else acted surprised by the announcement, I became enraged. How dare Dr. Phil and Robin get divorced! Why doesn't he read his own book, the one he wrote about marriage, Relationship Rescue?

He had to be testing us. This had to be a joke, right? He wanted to see how many people would believe that he and Robin would get divorced and I was probably part of some sick scheme to see how gullible I was.

Somehow I ended up in their home, watching their every move, waiting for evidence to prove I was right. I knew Dr. Phil was testing me, but I kept looking for proof that he was joking, and yet he and Robin kept the game going, maybe even for my benefit.


My nonprofessional interpretation: Phones represent communication. Marriage is all about communication. If anybody knows how to fix communication in a marriage, it's Dr. Phil.

The dreamer appears to be an outsider in this scenario, concerned about the marriage, but unable to do anything about it, disbelieving that a divorce will actually occur.

The dreamer also seems to be more concerned about the marriage of Dr. Phil than his or her own means of communication, so the dream appears to be about loss (cell phone), deception (Dr. Phil lying about the divorce), and indignation (that Dr. Phil would have the audacity to think people would believe his lie).

In this dream, the kids act as a distraction, but not enough of a distraction to take the dreamer's focus off the phone. The marriage of Dr. Phil and Robin probably represent a marriage of somebody in the dreamer's personal life who have what the dreamer believes is a solid marriage, but who are considering divorce as an option when the marriage could be rescued through other means.

One more thing: Shoving into Dr. Phil's office because of concern over a cell phone shows a lack of respect for personal boundaries.

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