Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weird Dreams, Success, and Prophecy

Weird dreams fall into categories that range from the outlandish to the amazing to the brilliant.

Novelists, such as Robert Louis Stevenson and Stephen King have written books based on dreams. Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and King's Misery were conceived in dreams.

Musicians too, become inspired by dreams. Paul McCartney, for instance, awoke from a dream after hearing, Yesterday. I remember reading years ago, or perhaps I heard him say in an interview, that he had asked everybody he knew if they had heard the tune. He couldn't believe he had written it, because it had appeared to him in a dream.

Even presidents have weird dreams, though the most famous one of all was more a nightmare than a dream. President Abraham Lincoln's prophetic dream, that he related to his wife shortly before he died, told him he was going to be assassinated.

Inventors, such as Elias Howe, dream of answers that solve problems. Without the aid of a dream, it may have taken Mr. Howe a long time to come up with this simple solution that allowed thread to enter cloth through a needle – by incorporating an eye.

And when Madame C.J. Walker (cited by the Guinness Book of Records as being, through her own achievements,  the first American female millionaire) created an African American cosmetic company, she admitted that the idea for her successful hair product came from a dream.

So what about your weird dreams? Have they solved any of your problems? Have you come up with story ideas based on dreams you've had? Or are your dreams so outrageous, you don't know why you dream them?

Maybe friends or relatives have related weird dreams to you.

If so, please contribute YOUR Weird Dreams to

(photo of Paul McCartney is from wikimedia commons)

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