Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jim Carrey Asks Me to Meet Him In The Church

Where we were, I don't know, but Jim Carrey was there and in one of those eyes-meet-from-across-the-room moments, we were both attracted to each other. Whatever this function was, something distracted me (story of my life) and I lost him. Just when I thought I would never meet him, somebody came along to tell me that Jim wanted me to meet him in the church. 

After more interruptions, none of which I can remember, I walked into the church where we found each other. We talked and flirted for what seemed like hours, and I found him very personable, friendly, funny, compassionate, and likable. While we were still talking, my mother walked in to the church, obviously in pain, and because she had taken some drugs to ease the pain, she was also very obviously drugged – and depressed – and crying.

Jim saw her, empathized with her, walked up to her, and kissed her on the mouth. Immediately her eyes lit up, her mood lightened, and she smiled. It was like Jim had this magical power to lift depression and bring happiness into my mother's life.

Jim then walked my mom to her car or home (I don't remember which). But after he had been gone a while, I realized that Jim didn't know my name, and I hoped he would ask my mother what it was. I felt such an urgent need to find him, though, that I ran to my laptop to reach out to another friend of mine, whose first name is also Jim (and who knows some celebrities), to see if he would know how to reach Jim Carrey. The dream ended there.

This dream is my second Jim Carrey dream – the first one was called Jim Carrey's Massage. If you click the link, you can read it. I also interpreted one of Jim Carrey's dreams, a dream Jim Carrey himself posted on twitter. Click Jim Carrey's Dream if you would like to read that one. 

Now that I've had two dreams about Jim Carrey, I have to wonder what he represents for me, and the first thing that comes to mind is something I read years ago about life before Jim Carrey became JIM CARREY. He had so much confidence in himself and created for himself a vision of being a million dollar actor by actually writing himself a check for a million dollars and either posting it on his wall or carrying it around with him in his wallet. Of course at that time, he would never have been able to cash that check, but he certainly could now.

That vision always impressed me and perhaps that is why Jim Carrey has appeared in two of my dreams, though I have to admit that my waking-life dream is not to make a million dollars, but to have one of my screenplays become a movie. The fact that I entered three of my screenplays (one of which is actually a teleplay) only recently probably brings my vision more into focus. And perhaps that is why Jim Carry's vision has become my inspiration.

Either that – or this dream was a premonition predicting that Jim Carrey secretly loves older woman and will one day fall in love with my mother ;)

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Flying Leap of Faith

Two of my grandsons and I are walking through a city somewhere. I don't recognize the city now as I relate the dream. We come across a high-rise where we see two teenagers climbing to the roof from the outside of the building. When they engage in inappropriate activities of which residents in the high-rise next door disapprove, the disapproving residents (children, by the way) race out of their apartments to climb the building too.

My grandsons want to climb to the roof as well. When we get there, all of the other kids are gone. Just as quickly as we arrive, though, the boys want to leave. However, the only way down is the same way we came up – on the outside of the building on steel ramps. 

My 7-year-old grandson climbs down without a problem, but when we get to a point where we still have about 80 stories left, my 4-year-old grandson decides to jump off.

Before panic sets in, as I see him fly off the building, I instinctively grab him by his wrist and pull him to safety, my heart thumping vigorously. He is frightened. I am more frightened, and surprised by my ability to grab him so perfectly, but we make it safely down to the ground. I am shaking the entire way.

Their mother and father are working together at a shop that is connected to their home, but they are working behind a counter in a room that seems to double as a kitchen and a bathroom. I can't tell what kind of business it is. When I relate to them what has happened, my son asks me why I allowed his son to fly off the building. I explain that I didn't "allow" him to do anything. He just did it.

In real life NONE of these situations would ever happen, from me climbing a building that is a hundred stories high (from the outside), to stepping one story at a time down to the ground (again, from the outside of a building), to visiting a shop that my son and his wife owned together, since they no longer are together, nor will they ever be, to being blamed for doing something that was so absurdly stupid, I would never have done it in the first place.

Over the years I've had numerous dreams in which everything in the dream makes no sense. If even one aspect of the dream seems likely to occur, I look at the rest of the dream for validation that what I thought might occur, probably won't. 

Unless we suffer some sort of cataclysmic event while I am alone with these two grandsons in a high-rise somewhere and the only way out of the building is by walking down steel ramps on the outside of it, I don't expect this dream to come true. 

Over the course of my lifetime, I have learned upon awakening that if one event in the dream appears to make no sense, every other thing in the dream will also make no sense. 

However, in the unlikely event that the world comes to an end on a day when I happen to be in a high-rise with my son's sons, I will be tightly grasping my grandson's hand.

The only takeaway that brings a smile to my face, and that might actually make sense to me when I interpret this dream, taking the nonsense away, is being surprised by my own abilities. That's something I can hold onto.

The only takeaway that brings a smile to my face, and that might actually make sense to me when I interpret this dream, taking the nonsense away, is being surprised by my own abilities. That's something I can hold onto.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Night of Many Dreams

I am in an apartment building visiting an old friend who is disabled. He is being abused by people he lives with. We have to sneak out of the apartment to get away from them by entering a different apartment. One of the friends or roommates of my friend is so upset with the people who are abusing my friend, she pulls me and my friend into a room with her. She wants to bring attention to the abuse, so she sets the apartment on fire. I don't agree with her plan and when I notice smoke and see her jacket on fire, I leap over her and escape. After I escape so does she and my friend.

Now I'm with another old friend I dated occasionally many years ago. We are walking down the streets of Chicago on the north side, but the Michigan Avenue bridge is located on the north side instead of downtown. A lot of artisans have posted arts and crafts all over the sidewalk so we have to walk on the street to move forward as we look at all the artwork. 

Even though I know we are on the north side of Chicago, we appear to be crossing the Michigan Avenue bridge. We cross the bridge and make it to a small cafe. I notice my wallet is missing. I look through my whole purse, frantically pushing aside what little contents remain. It's nearly empty. The wallet is clearly gone.

He runs into a woman who interests him. I tell him he should pursue that relationship because she is obviously interested in him too. He is concerned about how I will make it home, because I don't have any money. I'm concerned too, because even though I had my debit card in a different place, I'm sure public transportation won't accept a debit card. But I decide I will manage, and I leave him.

I climb into an enormous elevator that has inside of it a coffee bar and snack shop. I'm standing at the counter when a man approaches me. He has been in some of my other dreams, but I don't know who he is. All I know is that he is Jewish. He is interested in me but he intuitively somehow tells me we're not ready yet for a relationship.

I decide it's time to walk home, knowing I will have a 50 mile walk ahead of me (years ago I lived 50 miles from Chicago – now I'm about 140 miles from Chicago) and when I look inside my purse, the wallet is clearly visible, and my purse is full again. 


Even people who don't know how to interpret dreams will note the emphasis on the past in this dream (old friends), but they will also notice a reference to the future (relationship with Jewish man). Common sense seems to be lacking in parts (deciding to walk 50 miles), but it seems to kick in when I perceive my life to be in danger (escaping a burning room).

The dream also references loss (my wallet), but my perceptions may have been clouded, because even though I practically ransacked my purse in an effort to find the missing wallet, and the purse was nearly empty, it magically appeared exactly where it had been (happens to me all the time in real life – read about that HERE). 

The only thing left is to figure out who this Jewish guy is...

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