Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Night of Many Dreams

I am in an apartment building visiting an old friend who is disabled. He is being abused by people he lives with. We have to sneak out of the apartment to get away from them by entering a different apartment. One of the friends or roommates of my friend is so upset with the people who are abusing my friend, she pulls me and my friend into a room with her. She wants to bring attention to the abuse, so she sets the apartment on fire. I don't agree with her plan and when I notice smoke and see her jacket on fire, I leap over her and escape. After I escape so does she and my friend.

Now I'm with another old friend I dated occasionally many years ago. We are walking down the streets of Chicago on the north side, but the Michigan Avenue bridge is located on the north side instead of downtown. A lot of artisans have posted arts and crafts all over the sidewalk so we have to walk on the street to move forward as we look at all the artwork. 

Even though I know we are on the north side of Chicago, we appear to be crossing the Michigan Avenue bridge. We cross the bridge and make it to a small cafe. I notice my wallet is missing. I look through my whole purse, frantically pushing aside what little contents remain. It's nearly empty. The wallet is clearly gone.

He runs into a woman who interests him. I tell him he should pursue that relationship because she is obviously interested in him too. He is concerned about how I will make it home, because I don't have any money. I'm concerned too, because even though I had my debit card in a different place, I'm sure public transportation won't accept a debit card. But I decide I will manage, and I leave him.

I climb into an enormous elevator that has inside of it a coffee bar and snack shop. I'm standing at the counter when a man approaches me. He has been in some of my other dreams, but I don't know who he is. All I know is that he is Jewish. He is interested in me but he intuitively somehow tells me we're not ready yet for a relationship.

I decide it's time to walk home, knowing I will have a 50 mile walk ahead of me (years ago I lived 50 miles from Chicago – now I'm about 140 miles from Chicago) and when I look inside my purse, the wallet is clearly visible, and my purse is full again. 


Even people who don't know how to interpret dreams will note the emphasis on the past in this dream (old friends), but they will also notice a reference to the future (relationship with Jewish man). Common sense seems to be lacking in parts (deciding to walk 50 miles), but it seems to kick in when I perceive my life to be in danger (escaping a burning room).

The dream also references loss (my wallet), but my perceptions may have been clouded, because even though I practically ransacked my purse in an effort to find the missing wallet, and the purse was nearly empty, it magically appeared exactly where it had been (happens to me all the time in real life – read about that HERE). 

The only thing left is to figure out who this Jewish guy is...

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