The following dream appears exactly as written, with the exception of eliminating a swear word and breaking it up into more easily readable paragraphs. My comments appear at the end.

The dream started off with monday night raw. John laurinaitus made an elimination chamber title match between CM PUNK, RANDY ORTON, REY MYSTERIO, BRODUS CLAY and two other Wrestlers who i cant remember. Brodus clay won and was the new champion but he cheated as we Were not told before the match that it was a title bout.

 I went inside my house and complained to john laurinaitus. I told him that up to now i thought he was the best gm ever because he made so many mistakes that he was funny. He laughed and then i told him that it was a shambles what just happened. He said its what the people want. ITS NOT.

I went upstairs to find CM PUNK. i tried to lure him out with a speech but it was not successful. I went in my mum and dads room and sitting on the floor was none other than… 2pac and snoop doggy dogg. They We're both talking and they spoke to me and we had a long chat. I then said to them you both look real. They explained that all famous people can do this and that they Were just holograms.

Snoop put his hand out. I tried to touch it with a weird sense of electric shock without the pain overriding me. They Were indeed holograms. I then said can they shape shift, turn into someone else. Snoop tried and was turning into all sorts of people. 2pac then tried and he turned into justin bieber. I then assumed for the rest of the dream that that was his true form.

I said to s##t face, see what you look like when youre old because someone generated a face of what hed look like when he is old earlier that week. Selena gomez did not like it at all. He did it and his face stayed exactly the same but he had grey hair. ARSEHOLE. He then changed back and his hair stayed the same. :). But it soon changed back to its golden colour.

We then talked for a while with snoop doggy dogg and then all of a sudden Snoop Dogg jumped up and he said he owes his success to the devil. I said what illuminati ?  Beiber answered yes for him. I was like OK. THEN THE WORLD AROUND MY FEET ALL STARTED TO CRUMBLE AND FALL WITH THE MASS FIRES FROM HELL SPIRING UP AT ME.

Snoop said to be more successful he needs one more soul from someone. He then started a ritual and he shattered me to burnt pieces and claimed my soul for the devil. Justin bieber and some fellow onlookers tried to stop him as they thought i was a cool guy. But snoop didn't listen as he was now more successful than ever. I then woke up.

Thank you, Daniel G Cornes, for submitting your dream. This dream truly is imaginative and rich with all levels of good and evil mixed in. The fact that so many celebrities appeared and that you remembered the dream in such amazing detail means you either made the whole thing up or that you have a very creative imagination working for you. My personal opinion is that you are just really imaginative. The forces of good and evil "fighting" through this dream may mean that you are battling those same forces in your waking life.

To truly understand the meaning of this dream, though, you have to ask yourself what each of these celebrities means to you. Does one represent evil while another represents good to you? You have connected music with wrestling, so both must be significant to you in some way. Find the link and you might find the meaning of the dream.

Another thing you might want to pay attention to is that somebody in your waking life may in some way resemble Snoop Dogg. If not in looks, maybe in action. Is somebody trying to take over your soul? Is somebody trying to convince you that you have to sell your soul to the devil to become successful. Perceptions play an important role in determining the meanings of dreams. Also, it appears that you have some supporters who believe in you.

With an imagination like yours, I hope you've found a creative outlet for expressing it, Daniel. Good luck to you.