Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ringo Starr and the Consignment Shop

My youngest daughter and I were walking down a long path toward a field where some exhibition or festival was to take place. We must have been the first ones there, though, because we couldn't find anyone else.

We decided to go into a building located on the premises to wait for my mother, my youngest sister, and my daughter's only son. The chairs in the building looked like dental chairs so we sat on them while we waited. 

Not a minute after I sat down though, I needed to move. Waiting by the window, I finally saw my mom, sister, and grandson walking down the path. My daughter and I walked toward them.

The next thing I remember I'm in a consignment shop and Ringo Starr is pointing out various items. He and a friend of his own the store. 

Huge double-tiered racks of clothes in an M-shape greeted us on the right as we walked in, leaving only a small path to our left. The racks blocked the rest of the store from my view. My daughter walked to the rack furthest from us. I searched through the one closest to the door. I pulled some children's coats from the rack and asked my daughter if her kids needed any. They didn't.

After looking through the clothes, I walked beyond the racks to tables that at one time must have been filled with gems and jewelry, but the gem table was almost empty. Ringo's co-owner came up to me and told me that people must have stolen most of them.

Large pink plastic containers that looked like toys sat to the side of the tables and I picked one up. It had been filled with jewelry but was now nearly empty. I wanted to buy the container.

Now I'm in a room with various people, none of whom I recognize, but my youngest granddaughter is standing in a crib that is situated next to a table that holds a laptop. Before I can prevent her from pouring a cup that holds an oily substance on the laptop, she does. A man appears to tell me it's OK. He'll clean it up, but the liquid turns into wax, and he becomes frantic. 

I leave the room to look for something to clean it after Jim Carrey and another actor walk in. As I walk through another room, I find my daughter sitting on a couch with Jim Carrey talking to her as he stands above her. I tell her, "I told you he would flirt with you."

Then I walk into the kitchen where Jim Carrey is standing next to a refrigerator talking with somebody who is standing on the other side of a counter. I ask Jim if I can have some water. He gives me a dirty look (I felt as if I was annoying him, perhaps because of my earlier comment to my daughter) as he reaches into a large container, grabs me a bottle, and hands it to me.


I don't know why I have so many dreams about Jim Carrey. The one thing that sticks out is his making out a one million dollar check to himself before he ever became famous. For so many reasons, I've always believed in the power of positive thinking, and Jim Carrey's million dollar check certainly proves his belief in himself. 

He was disappointed with me in a previous dream, though, so I think he represents somebody (I'll have to figure out who that is) who I believe is always disappointed by me – who knows? Maybe that somebody is me.

One of my interests is making jewelry, so the fact that gems and jewelry appeared in a dream about a consignment shop makes sense. I plan on making jewelry for my daughter's consignment shop when I get some time.

Pink is a color associated with breast cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. I'm not sure how that fits in here though. Come to think of it, I have a pink plastic bust I use to model scarves I've crocheted, so maybe having a container was related to my craft collection.

Ringo Starr, who will remain forever a Beatle in my mind, is one quarter of a group that defined my entire teenage years. He, along with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison held a special significance for me during those years (and beyond). I loved them all and KNEW, the first time they appeared in Life Magazine, that they would captivate the world.

My youngest daughter owns a consignment shop. From the day she told me she was going to open one, I KNEW it would be successful. Less than three years old, the shop is already more successful than even she could have imagined.

So perhaps the theme and the message here is to expect something or someone to succeed, to KNOW he or she will succeed, to watch success in action, to accept things as they are rather than be disappointed by how they are not, and to never leave a laptop anywhere near a baby holding a cup of liquid. 

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