Friday, September 14, 2012

Vivid Dreams Disappear Over Time

When Nolan first told me his dream he said that he had been in a swamp with an alligator and that he was recusing his baby sister, Avery, from the alligator. He threw Avery up a hill to his mother and pried open the alligator's mouth with his bare hands. I was astounded by his aggression, his bravery, and his take-action ability in this dream. 

I asked Nolan if he would remember the dream the next day. And this was him retelling his dream the following day:

Maybe this dream was alerting Nolan to his inner warrior! It could also be that his paternal grandfather likened changing Avery's diaper to wrestling an alligator. In this dream Nolan might have been trying to pry Avery's mouth open to collect any of the myriad objects she keeps throwing into it.

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