Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jim Carrey's Dream

I previously posted a dream I had about Jim Carrey (Jim Carrey's Massage), which you can read if you click the link. Well today the tables are turned and Jim Carrey is posting a dream about me.

I'm kidding. Unless I'm a golden maniac, the dream is definitely not about me. Here is the dream Jim Carrey posted on Twitter (verbatim):

Last night I dreamt a maniac was outside my house but he was made of gold so I let him in and he took my soul. Kinda M. Night Shamylan! ?;^\

And now for my interpretation of Jim Carrey's dream: The maniac made of gold could be telling Carrey that just become something looks like it's worth a million bucks doesn't mean that it is and it could cost him his soul. Since Carrey invited the maniac into his home, he kinda asked for it.

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