Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dream of Dead People Walking

The following dream is very short, and I had it probably 20 years ago, but the observation made at the end explains a lot about my state of mind at the time I had the dream:

I was in a what looked like a small store that was very crowded. The aisles were tight and passing people was difficult because the aisles were so tight. I don't think I was shopping, though. I think I was just passing through, and it looked like everybody else was walking through aisles without shopping too.

As I looked around, I saw a boy who had gone to grammar school with me. I was surprised and delighted to see him, because I had really liked him and it had been decades since I'd last seen him. He had died, after all, when we were in the sixth grade.

Continuing on my journey around the store, I noticed other people from my past, all of whom I was delighted and surprised to see. But again, all of them were dead.

As I noticed more and more people, I realized that every single person in my dream was dead. I wondered, was I dead too?

At the time of this dream, I probably did feel dead inside. My life was in turmoil and it seemed that nothing I did to improve my situation helped. Fortunately, all things must pass (thank you, George Harrison), and, though it took many years to recover from my circumstances, I no longer feel dead inside.

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