Friday, May 13, 2011

The Meaning of the Internal Dent

Sometimes dreamers experience a dream that has such an obvious message, the dreamer doesn't need to look beyond the surface. Other times, the message is so mysterious, it requires investigation.

The dream I'm about to relate was at first scary, but when I analyzed the dream, I realized that the dream was trying to soothe my soul and perhaps relate a message to somebody I dearly love.

A couple of Marines showed up at my door. When I opened the door and saw them standing there, my first thought was that they were going to tell me that my son had died.

"Your son has experienced an internal dent," the Marines told me.

I almost couldn't speak. "He was in an accident?" I prayed he was OK.

"No, he just experienced an internal dent."

When I awoke from the dream, I tried to understand the meaning behind "internal dent," and then it occurred to me that my son was hurting for some reason, but that he would survive, because dents can be smoothed out. The damage can be fixed.

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