Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Bobby and The Dead Guy In The Trunk

This dream comes from an American woman who dreamed about being a man in a different country. Here is the dream (between the asterisks).

I am in an intersection walking toward a Bobby. It doesn't occur to me in a dream that I am calling this guy a Bobby, since we call them cops here in America, but in my dream he is a Bobby and he is directing traffic.

I try to grab his attention, but he's acting like I'm not even there. I'm tapping him on the shoulder and he doesn't respond. Now I'm screaming at him, "Look in the trunk of that car! There's a dead body in the trunk of that car!"

As I point at the car and continue to yell at the Bobby, wondering the whole time why he is ignoring me, I realize that the dead man in the trunk of that car is me.

What's odd to me when I wake up is that though I am a woman, in this dream I was a dead man stuffed into the trunk of a car.


The first thing that comes to my mind, after reading this dream is that if reincarnation is possible, if the spirits of the dead linger after the body has died, and if the dead try to contact the living, the possibility exists that this dreamer WAS the dead guy in the trunk, reincarnated as a woman living in a different country in this life.

Another possible explanation is that perhaps the dreamer might be stuffing the aggressive or assertive side of herself (some might say the masculine side) aside and ignoring her more assertive nature. Maybe she needs more balance in her life.

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