Friday, October 29, 2010

Violent Murder In A Dream

Last night I dreampt that I was sitting outside on a cement driveway at a fairly big house (don't know whose it was) with my brother, Alex, his friend, Josh, and one of my other friends.  I had money sitting out beside me – it was only about $14 but it was all the money I had.

So, all of a sudden, this guy walks up to us and tells us something about how if we cut him a check, blah, blah, blah, we could get rich.  I knew he was just trying to scam us and so I instantly picked up the loose money beside me and shoved it in my pants because I didn't have time to even shove it in my pockets.  This guy is skinny, with shaggy, strawberry blonde hair – maybe even a little redder – and he's not at all attractive.  Once he sees me put the money in my purse, he starts attacking me while I'm still on the ground. He's trying to get the money out of my pants.

I start yelling for Alex to do something, but it's like he wants to see if I can do it alone.  He just sits there and finally I get the guy off me and he takes off.

So, now fast forward and I'm in our old house in my old room trying to go to sleep when my friend, Alyse calls and asks if she can please sleep over.  I tell her yes. Then Alex walks into my room and tells me that the guy that attacked me died of a blood clot.  He tells me that he, Josh, and some other guy found him and just tried to scare him buy pouring chemicals into his eyes. Alex held open his eyes while someone else poured the chemicals into them and then they roughed him up a little bit, but he ended up dying.

So, then for the rest of my dream all I could think of was how this guy's spirit was now going to be attached to me forever because my brother had killed him.  It was super scary though.


I was a little confused about the placement of the money, because it seemed to go from pants to purse to pants again, unless the dreamer had changed the location of the money without mentioning it, but the potential thief, who could be somebody the dreamer knows and doesn't trust, attempted to steal it from the dreamer.

This dream is graphically violent, and even ends in death, but the blame of the attack is placed on the brother who at first does nothing and then ends up killing the scammer. I would say to look at anybody in the dreamer's life who fits the specific description the dreamer noted and see if somebody matching that description is possibly capable of scamming the dreamer.

Also the dreamer goes back in time to a home in her past. The potential thief/scam artist in the dream could be somebody from the dreamer's past. It also appears that she perceives her brother to be protective of her, but aggressively so.

The dreamer obviously fears a visit from the spirit of the deceased thief. So she probably feels responsible for actions her brother has taken on her behalf.

If anybody would like to add their own interpretation of this dream, I invite your comments.

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