Thursday, December 16, 2010

Driving the Right Way in a Dream

I am with my son and his family. We are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Only a few people have said they were coming, so we fix dinner for only his sisters (my daughters), their families, and my son and his family. Suddenly my nephew and my father walk in and I realize my mother, my sisters, and probably my other nephew are coming as well. We will definitely need a lot more food.

Now people I don't even know are showing up and I know for sure I will have to get more food in order to feed everybody.

Now I'm driving a car. My son is with me. For some reason, the wheel will turn only right. I'm trying to force it left, but the wheel refuses to turn in that direction. I panic as I see the car head toward another vehicle. It smashes into a car that is parked in front of a house.

My son gets out of the car and says he'll ask his father to help us. We get out of the car and walk into a house that clearly does not belong to my ex-husband. But I hear my ex's voice and when we walk in, I expect to see him. The man with my ex-husband's voice, though, does not look at all like my ex and when I look over at my son, while I'm wondering why he has chosen to call this man his father, my son no longer looks like my son either. Both father and son decide to help me and treat me as if I'm still the son's mother.

Now I'm the passenger sitting in a car and an animal walks toward us. At first it looks kind of like a deer as it slowly makes its way to the window.The driver opens the window slightly to see what the animal wants. The animal wants to heal me. I'm allergic to animals, so I'm wondering how I will react, but I find myself trusting this animal.

The driver lowers the window even more and the animal, which looks more like an eagle or a phoenix now, jumps through the window and sits on my lap. It leans toward me and chews my eyes, but my eyes don't hurt even while it bites my eyes. Even though what the animal/bird is doing seems odd, even in the dream, I somehow feel he/she is helping me by performing this strange ritual. It speaks to me almost intuitively.

The animal reveals my soul to me by pulling things from my past. Though I don't remember mentioning out loud that when I was a child I thought the only person who ever showed me any genuine affection and loved me was my aunt who died when I was ten years old, this animal seems to zero in on my loss and senses my pain. I can tell that this animal, whatever it is, is attempting to heal me.

When the animal leaves, I wonder if I'm not allergic to animals anymore and if a connection between my allergy to animals and the pain of losing my aunt is possible.

I'm going to have to examine the meaning of this dream at a later date. Because I was the one who had it, I'm a little too close to it right now to figure out the meaning. Following Gayle Delaney's dream process, I'm going to have to ask myself what each of these dream symbols means to me and how each of them are connected. If you have any thoughts, I would appreciate hearing them.


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