Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dream Snippets – The End – Is It Coming After All?

Sometimes we can't remember the whole dream, so we remember only portions. But even those portions can offer a small glimpse into our lives. Here is a snippet of a dream from one dreamer.

"As I lie in bed, I’m listening to my husband move about the kitchen getting ready for work, as he normally does each day.  I hear a bowl being placed on the counter top and the jingle of silverware in the drawer. I also hear a radio announcing today’s news.

The bedroom begins to glow with a light that is too bright to look at.  I put the covers over my head, but cannot dim this increasingly blaringly (sic) bright light. I hear the news reporter say, 'Today is the last day.  It will strike momentarily.'  I blindly find my way to the kitchen where my husband is reading the newspaper, evidently unaffected by the light. I ask him if what I just heard was true – 'Is the world ending?'  He says he doesn’t know; he wasn’t listening. I respond with 'But please look at the light, there’s something coming right at us!  Oh my God, it is the end!'  To which he responds, 'Maybe so.'"

This dream is kind of scary, mostly because of the predictions concerning December 21, 2012 and an asteroid hitting the Earth at some point in the future, or soon. Maybe the dreamer feared the hype. Maybe the dream was precognitive. Who knows?

I too have had dreams about the end of the world. Intellectually I know that the "end of the world" might actually be the end of MY world – my own demise, in other words. But maybe, if numerous people are dreaming about the end of the world, the end actually is coming. Or maybe we all dream about the end of the world, because one day we all will die. One day, the end of the world will come – for us.

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