Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freddy Krueger Visits A Dreamer

Recently I received the following weird dreams from a reader of Your Weird Dreams. I don't know if the dreamer is male or female, so I hope the person doesn't mind if I refer to him/her as female. I apologize in advance if the person who emailed me is a man.

When she was around 3 years old, the little girl had moved away from the city and visited an elderly lady who lived next door to her. When the old woman turned to face the child, the old woman's face had a "cartoon animated monsters mouth."

The old lady chased the child and threatened to eat her.

What makes this "dream" weird, beyond the obvious "neighbor eats child" part, is that the child was not asleep and it was the middle of the day (end of dream).

Here is my interpretation about this first dream: I believe that children have the ability to dream while awake. Reality is sometimes blurred with small children who don't yet understand the concept of dreaming. I also believe that some children are gifted with great imaginations and amazing perceptions. Quite possibly, the old lady who lived next door WAS something of a monster and the child could sense danger.

When you consider the fact that she had just moved – a major change in a child of only three – you can understand why she would be frightened by the strange woman living next door, particularly if she was a sensitive and impressionable little girl and the woman gave off scary vibes.

The second dream also occurred when the dreamer was a young child. Her mother always tucked her in at night, but on one particular night, as her "mum" entered the room and spoke, "it was not her voice; it was like Freddy Krueger from the horror films".

But her mother was not the one who was standing in front of her. According to the reader, "I froze and started hyper-ventilating." And though her mother tried to calm her down, every time her mother spoke, the little girl heard a monster's voice. After about 5 minutes, the mother's voice gradually softened.

What is interesting about this experience is that the mother vouched for her memory of that night's experience. The dreamer states, "so I know I wasn't asleep."

My take on her second dream – parents sometimes appear as monsters to their children, particularly when they raise their voices or contort their faces. Seeing parents and caretakers as monsters can happen when the people who are caring for them lose control. The loss of control frightens children.

But another explanation could be that her mother was possessed (highly unlikely) or that they had ghosts living in their home. I've seen enough episodes of Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal to know that children CAN access "the other side."

Afterthought: In light of a dream I recently posted, Nightmare While Awake: A True Paranormal Experience, I've come to believe that a period of time exists just prior to falling asleep when the likelihood of feeling awake cannot always be trusted. I think that sometimes we are actually sleeping.

Please send Your Weird Dreams to I may edit them and I may include my own interpretations. You are welcome to include yours as well.

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