Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3-Year-Old Interprets Her Own Dream

Ever since I was a child, I've asked people to tell me about their dreams. Dreams fascinate me, so nearly every morning, when we had the time, my children and I shared our dreams.

When my youngest daughter, Brittney, was three years old, she told me about one of her dreams. All she said was, "A bee stung me."

"What happened next?" I wanted to know.

"The bee said, 'that feel good?'"

"What did you say when the bee asked you if it felt good?" I asked Brittney.

She responded to the bee by saying, "No," and then added to me, "The bee was Daddy."

I'm sure a slap on the butt can feel like a sting to a child. I didn't press her, but I was surprised by how easily she transferred ownership of the bee sting to something her daddy had done to her.

Adults often don't recognize symbols that appear in their dreams, so I was surprised to discover that this little 3-year-old recognized that the bee symbolized her daddy.

Like Brittney's dream symbols, our own individual dream symbols can help us identify elements that affect our waking lives. As I've mentioned in previous Your Weird Dreams posts, the best book I've ever found on dream interpretation is the one written by Gayle Delaney – Living Your Dreams.

Living Your Dreams is written in such a way that it appears to have been individually tailored to help each dreamer. You interpret your own dreams with your own symbols using her methods, and she helps you identify your own individual dream symbols.

Pay attention to the symbols in your dreams. As you strive to learn who you are, clues will appear in your dreams that will help you solve the mystery that is you.

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