Thursday, February 25, 2016

A 38-Year Old Attracted to a 64-Year Old? In My Dreams!

You can tell you’ve been watching too much of something when that something seeps into your dreams. My antenna limits my television viewing so Netflix rescues me with binge-worthy programs like those that appear on the HGTV channel. The Property Brothers is one of those programs and I think my binge-watching is what prompted this dream (all comments to what I dreamed are italicized):

I am helping Drew and Jonathan Scott renovate a home, but it doesn’t appear to be just any home – the home belongs to them and is in need of major renovations. I see Jonathan and am immediately attracted to him. I hope to get near to him. I see a small blonde running around who appears to be part of the crew. I later discover that she is Jonathan’s girlfriend. Disappointed, but moving on, I continue to help the brothers.

While I listen to instructions, and as I lean against a wall, Drew comes behind me, so close I can feel his breath on my neck  (which is weird considering he’s about 6’5” and  I’m about 5’6”). He flirts with me (funny how dreams cause age differences to disappear), and while I find him attractive, he seems too intense for me. Jonathan appears to be more laid-back, and I find myself not wanting to invite Drew’s attentions, though I’m flattered by them.

We move to what appears to be a future kitchen and somebody mentions that the Scott brothers’ father will be coming shortly, so I help out in the kitchen. Drew appears to soften his intensity and I wonder if I might be attracted to him now too. Maybe I should give him a chance (laughing here).

Post note for those of you who haven’t heard of The Property Brothers: Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott are identical twins born April 28, 1978. Drew Scott finds homes for prospective buyers while Jonathan renovates them. I wrote a comedic blog post about the show earlier this month: Cruelest TV Show EVER

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