Sunday, September 11, 2016

What If Your Dreams Are Not Your Own?

Anyone who knows me knows I love listening to dreams. If you lived with me, you’d hear this sentence repeated numerous times throughout the month, “Do you remember any of your dreams?” In response, I often hear, “I had the weirdest dream last night!”

Maybe most dreams fall into the category of weird, simply because no obvious explanation exists for why we dream what we dream until we examine our dreams. But analyzing our dreams is not always an easy task. And remembering them is like trying to hold on to evaporating water. But sometimes something – a song, a symbol, a conversation – triggers the memory of our dreams and a lightbulb flickers in our minds. We not only remember the dream, but also know why we dreamed it. 

Or maybe listening to the dreams of others halts us dead in our tracks, because maybe we had the same dream as did the one sharing it!

So what if you discovered that other people shared your dream – not as in, “I had the same kind of dream,” but as in, “You were in my dream and I was in yours”? Shared dreams are possible, and they might occur between you and your friends or family members. Imagine that!

But let’s take dreams beyond simply dreaming. What if we not only shared our dreams with others, but also controlled the dreams of others? Or – what if somebody controlled our dreams? Possible? Click Falling Water Controls Dreams on my Paranormal Minds blog to read more about shared dreams and how one television series is taking dreams to a whole new level.

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