Friday, June 10, 2011

Cannibal Dream

My soon-to-be-11-year-old granddaughter, Taylor, related this dream to me:

Taylor and two other girls, wearing black FBI suits, walked into a theater to see Peter Pan. The theater was full. The theater had chambers by the back and some people put Taylor and the two girls into one of the chambers. When they took the girls out of chamber, Taylor noticed that the chamber said, "Flavoring."

They were then put into another chamber that had a handle where they could get out. The chamber started to get really hot and it felt like they were baking. Taylor thought the people who put them there were trying to eat them.

Taylor opened the door. The people who put them into the chambers stood at the end of the hallway and saw them escape. They chased the girls around, and they got a hold of one of the girls. They took her while Taylor and other girl went outside.

Looking for the girl they took, because Taylor thought they were trying to kill her, Taylor took her away from them and went outside.

People were coming out of the theater dressed in frilly dresses like in the 1800s. Taylor told them, "Do not ever go there again. They will try to eat you." They told Taylor she was crazy.

In a car window Taylor saw a policeman and his son. They were going in to see the show.

Taylor banged on the glass to warn the policeman. The policeman ran out and left his son in the car. Somebody grabbed the son and the policeman came back, punched the guy, and rescued his son.

Taylor and the girls left the theater but came back later that night. The theater was empty but the lights were still on and Taylor and the girls knew that the people who had taken them were looking for them.

They disguised themselves and hid in the chambers but chambers were not on.

When they felt it was safe, they got out of the chambers and saw lots of seasonings. The owner came back and said the theater was closed. Taylor walked slowly away. The other two girls stayed back and said, yeah we know – we were just leaving. The guy said to the girl who got caught, "You look familiar."

Taylor said, "No that girl is dead. They found her dead." He believed Taylor. Taylor left the theater and looked inside the window. She saw the owner come back into the room. She also saw dead people hanging on the wall. She knew he was going to roast them and eat them.

What might have prompted this dream was a snippet of a television program Taylor saw on the National Geographic channel, entitled, Eating With Cannibals.

And what her "dead people hanging on the wall" reminded me of was an article I wrote, entitled, The Importance of Wording: Misplaced Modifiers and Missing Words.

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