Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dreams of Being In a Classroom

From an email I received: I too often dream of being in a class, but usually there is something stressful about it like having a test but not having studied or losing work that was supposed to be turned in. They are not usually "bad" dreams and I usually end up getting distracted by a different story line.

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Many of us have dreams of returning to the classroom long after we've graduated. We sometimes feel stress during these dreams, especially when we are given a test we feel unprepared to take.

Several of my own dreams about being in school involved losing my schedule, attending the wrong class, or forgetting where I was supposed to be.

Because our dreams are reflections of what is going on in our waking lives, stressful dreams in a school setting take us back to feelings we had when we were in school. We might feel vulnerable, uneasy, or unprepared. We may even feel we're being tested for something about which we have never learned.

Life itself is a school and we are learning every day. In our waking life, we may feel unprepared to keep a schedule we set up for ourselves. We may feel that God is testing us or that our kids are testing us. We might even feel that we are testing ourselves.

When we have these kinds of dreams we have to look at what is going on in our lives. It might be something as simple as our daughter attending her first high school dance. We may feel some resistance to having her take this next step into adulthood, and we may have difficulty accepting that our daughter is growing up.

Or maybe we have put ourselves into a situation where we feel resistance to actually going through with whatever we've set up for ourselves. Did we start a project with good intentions and now we feel overburdened by it? Do we feel that others are going to test us on our abilities to perform? We might be afraid we won't live up to their expectations.

Look at your dreams and see if you can make a connection between what is happening in your dream and what is happening in your waking life to explain why you might have had the dream.

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  1. I think you're correct. I don't believe that many of our dreams predict the future, are contacts with a supernatural realm, or are just meaningless imagery. I think they are mostly reinterpretations of daily events or symbolic representations of apprehensive fears that we may have about things in our lives. We would benefit greatly from studying our dreams and discovering the messages in them, but sometimes it's difficult to find the time or to train ourselves to recall the details.

    Tossing It Out