Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Bad Grandma

For the past year or so, my four-year-old grandson has been having bad dreams about what he calls, "Bad Grandma" and "Bad Gamma." These nightmares center around his being frightened of these grandmotherly types because they are either chasing him or doing something else that scares him.

Because he calls me, "Grandma" and he calls his other grandmother, "Gamma," I wanted to know what Bad Grandma looked like.

"You," Nolan responded.

I felt the edges of my mouth draw downward and wondered what it was I might have done to scare him so badly that he had nightmares about me.

"But she's not you." Nolan must have noticed my worried expression. "She just looks like you."

"Well, then, what does Bad Gamma look like?" I wanted to know.

"Gamma. But she's not Gamma either. She just looks like her."

Generally, people who appear in dreams, if they are not the actual subjects of the dream, might be substitutes for other people in a child's life. But at the age of four (and going back to the age of three), Nolan has been around mostly family members, peers, and teachers from his preschool. Bad Grandma and Bad Gamma have appeared more than once.

So a reasonable explanation could be that in our daily lives, Gamma and I (Grandma) are such sweet human beings that Nolan had to create Bad Grandma and Bad Gamma to give us more rounded personalities. ;)

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