Saturday, December 31, 2011

Visit from Departed Loved Ones

This dream will make more sense if I relate to you the correlations between the dream and my waking life.

My former mother-in-law, Lorraine, has been residing in an assisted living facility for quite a while and this past year, her son (my ex) moved her closer to where he and one of my daughters live. 

Nearly every week I travel 85 miles to watch my son's kids (they live about ten miles from her new home), and I try to visit my former mother-in-law every time I care for my grandchildren.

Lorraine had a very good friend, Dolores, when she was living in the home she owned for several decades before she lost her ability to care for herself. Dolores died several years ago. In my dream, I am visiting Lorraine and a priest is in her room talking to somebody I don't recognize. Lorraine is in another room in the home. I leave her room and run into Dolores. Surprised to see her, I tell Dolores that Lorraine will be so happy to see her.

I later leave the facility with my grandchildren. Taylor is sitting in the front seat with me. Kaden and Zac are both sitting in the back seat. The car is not responding to my movements though, and even though I appear to be having difficulty maneuvering the car through traffic and at one point actually fall under the steering wheel, Taylor doesn't appear to be at all affected by the problems.

Later in the dream we end up in a restaurant. The moment we walk in I see my friend, Scott, standing at the counter holding a tray in his hands. Happy to see him, I wrap my arm around him and tell him I am happy to see him, but also sorry that I hadn't read his Christmas letter yet, because so many things have been going on in my life and I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

(In my waking life, until this morning, the letter sat unread on my counter.)

I settle the kids at a table and walk back to the counter, passing Scott's table where he is deeply engaged in conversation with his dad. I say something to him, but it was apparent he doesn't want to be interrupted. Not wanting to disturb his conversation, I continue on.

(In reality, Scott's dad died this past September.)

I can't help but wonder, that while I was dreaming of Lorraine and Dolores, and of Scott and his father, they too were dreaming of their departed loved ones who, in spirit form, were visiting them in their dreams.

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