Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pay Attention to EVERYTHING!

I don't know if I was going for a new job, but for some reason I had to be somewhere to get tested and I was going with my granddaughter, Taylor.

I had to park in a parking lot and then walk to a stool outside the parking lot to sit down and wait. I saw one stool open so I walked to it, but somebody got there first and just as I was about to leave to find another spot, somebody pointed out another open stool.

Now I'm in a house, but I don't know whose, and, for some reason, I don't have shoes, so I have to borrow Taylor's shoes but Taylor's shoes don't fit, because they are too big. 

Before we leave, somebody tells us that we need to pay attention to EVERYTHING because the tiniest detail will be on the test. But EVERYTHING bores me apparently because I forget to pay attention until midway through the test when I realize that even the minutest detail, something in the background, for instance, might be on that test. So I start paying attention to EVERYTHING.

A rifle, or something that looks like a rifle must have been included in the instructions, too, because when it was time to leave I was told to hang it in the closet before I left.


Any time anyone dreams about a test, the obvious thing to consider is that the person is about to be tested in some way, not in school necessarily, but in life. The fact that I was dreaming about my granddaughter and that I was wearing her shoes might have meant that she was being tested, and in order to understand how she was being tested, I needed to walk in her shoes.

I don't remember carrying a gun in this dream except for the part where I was told to hang it in the closet. Guns to me mean violence and protection. Perhaps I was trying to protect her, but in the dream I didn't need a gun to do it. This dream will take a little more contemplation on my part.

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