Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Fraudulent Gift

I was walking through what appeared to be a kind of coffee shop when a woman approached me and handed me an envelope. "I want to do something nice for somebody," she told me as she handed me the envelope. "Here's $100,000. I don't need it anymore." And she walked away.

Everybody looked at me and I wondered if any of the patrons would battle me for the money. I walked out of the shop, clutched the envelope, and searched for my car. I couldn't remember where I parked it, though, and I remembered thinking that the first thing I would do with the money was get a new car and pay off my house.

And I started thinking, was the woman dying? Why did she hand me the money? Did she not have anybody else in her life? Or was this a random act of kindness?

Suddenly I'm in my car with one of my daughters who is sitting in the driver's seat. We open the envelope and pull out 1s, 20s, and – what's this? A $15,000 bill? I didn't even know they made $15,000 bills!

"They don't," my daughter told me. I held it up to the light. It certainly looked real. And then the dream ended.


Once upon a time, the United States created currency in denominations of $5,000, $10,000, and even $100,000. Never did they create a $15,000 bill. Only in my dreams! 

What do I gather from this dream? Possibly that somebody will offer me false promises or a gift I receive will be deceptive somehow. I'm getting ready to sell my house. Perhaps the dream was warning me to be very careful. For instance, I should be leery of anybody offering to buy it on contract.

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