Friday, May 30, 2014

Evil in Dreams

Maybe I’ve been watching too many crime shows and they all culminated in the dream I had early this morning. But in the dream I was at an event with President Barack Obama who graciously accepted my request for a photo with him after a friend of mine got her picture taken with him. My camera ran out of battery life though, so I turned around to ask if anybody could take our photo together, but everyone was gone, and when I looked back, the president was gone as well. An odd-looking man who I can describe only as being part octopus because he had at least 8 arms, reached out for me.

Octo-man began running after me and I slipped through what looked like a maze of pipes trying to escape his tentacles. Every time I thought I had lost him, he found me again. Escaping him was difficult, because he seemed to know where I was going at all times.

But now I was in a house that may have belonged to one of my daughters (I don’t know which one, because it didn’t look like any of their homes). I sensed an evil presence in the home and the front door slammed shut behind me as I entered. Doors kept slamming all around me and when I left one room to go into the kitchen to get some food for my two youngest daughters, the door to the room they were in slammed shut as well. I didn’t seem to be frightened – more angry than anything, and with no way to enter the room they were in, I found myself trying to figure out what types of food I could slip under the door so my kids could eat.

But then the oppressive and heavy evil presence surrounded me and I became frightened. I couldn’t make it go away by myself, so I started calling out for Jesus’s help over and over. And then I awoke.

This dream may have come along because of my intense feelings for the horrifying events Michelle Knight experienced at the hands of a man who was so evil he kept her locked up for 11 years. Dr. Phil was a guest on The Doctors yesterday and he talked about his interview with Michelle. The evil kidnapper, the father of a friend of Michelle’s, seduced Michelle into his home by offering her a puppy for her son. What’s so sad to me is that many of us might have trusted the father of a friend too, simply because we knew who he was. The (I’m finding it hard to call him a man) devil tortured and raped her so often, I couldn’t help but wonder how she survived for SO LONG in the presence of true evil. 

So I think that was at the top of my mind when I went to bed. I also watch a lot of the true and fictional crime shows. Yesterday I was reminded, through Facebook, of the kidnapping and subsequent murders of Kankakee, Illinois, children, Christopher Meyer and Tara Sue Huffman, who were both murdered by the same man. Another blurb on television spoke of a group of people who believe the world is becoming more evil and they’ve joined forces – for what? – to end evil? I don’t know. I got distracted. So I think the reason I dreamed of evil was because my subconscious allowed me to dream of evil.

What the octopus man reminds me of is one of the characters in one of the Spiderman movies – Dr. Otto Octavius (Doc Ock). That character always creeped me out. So I think that’s why I included him in the dream.

Another obvious theme is locked doors. Locked doors generally signify opportunities lost. But you know what "they" (whoever they are) say – when one door closes, another opens. With so many doors closing, maybe more opportunities will begin knocking on my door.

Maybe I should start watching different shows.

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