Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Premonition Dreams – Psychic Dreams

Premonition dreams are psychic dreams that alert the dreamer to events that might occur if the dreamer doesn’t take necessary precautions to prevent the dream from coming true – if the dream portends evil. On the other hand, if the dream promises a joyful surprise, the dreamer can look for opportunities that allow the dream to manifest. 

Dreamers don’t often know that what they are experiencing is a premonition dream until the dream comes true. As adults, our dreams manifest in such a way that the alarm caused by the dream alerts us to automatically heed the warning, but what happens when a child experiences a premonition dream? Here is one story:

A 9-year-old girl, Audrey, dreams that her 2-year-old sister, Avery, has been abducted and that she was responsible for her baby sister being stolen by a man. The following morning Audrey is so shaken by the dream, she tells her mother about it.

Later that day, while 6-year-old brother, Nolan, plays at the ball park, Audrey and Avery play with some friends at one of the 3 parks within the same ball field. One of Audrey’s friends asks Audrey if she can take Avery to the smaller park to play. Audrey agrees.

Several minutes later, the friend arrives without Avery. Audrey panics. Where is her sister? 

The friend doesn’t know. 

Audrey runs back to her mother and cries in fear that Avery is missing and that it’s all her fault.

Dreams are filled with symbols and personal information about the dreamer, but sometimes they serve as warnings, too. In this case, my 9-year-old granddaughter hadn’t yet developed the skills that would alert her to possible danger the moment her friend asked to take her sister to a different park. Red flags would have surfaced everywhere for an adult. The dream would have materialized immediately and the adult Audrey would have said something like, “Don’t lose her,” “Watch her carefully,” or “Make sure you don’t leave that park without her.” But Audrey is 9, and might never have had a premonition dream before.

Over the years, I’ve had numerous premonition dreams and I’ve learned to heed the warnings. You might not know that you’re having a premonition dream until the dream comes true. Sometimes you’ll dream about characters you’ve heard about through others or from books or movies. Those characters might represent a person in your life. Pay attention to your dreams and your personal symbology, so you will avoid experiencing the pain Audrey felt when her dream came true. You might want to read my Inaugural Blog to find out more about symbolism in your dreams.

After the frightening event occurred, my daughter assured my granddaughter that everything would be fine. A man carrying a baby and walking with another of his own children, had seen that Avery was alone, asked Avery to show him where her parents were, and walked toward the ball field with her. So as my daughter and Audrey walked toward the parks, the man walked toward my daughter. Audrey vowed to never again allow anyone to take her sister away from her.

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