Sunday, July 20, 2014

Unrecognizable People Who Appear In Your Dreams – Could They Be From a Past Life?

Have you ever dreamed of a person you've never met? I have. I see people I couldn’t possibly have made up. Their features look unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. While the possibility exists that these may be people I saw when I was a baby and forgot I’d seen them, another possibility exists – they may be people from a past life.

In a dream once, I looked into a mirror and the person staring back at me was not me, but because I was looking into a mirror, I instinctively knew that it had to be me, though she looked very different. How can we create people with a certain hair texture and color, facial structure, including eyes, nose, lips, and ears, body height and weight – specific to only one individual – if we have never seen that person before?

Babies tend to stare at people, so we could assume that the features of those individuals remain firmly affixed inside a baby’s brain, coming out years later to surface in a dream. Maybe the woman with long red hair struck the baby as being kind and loving. Now the baby – as an adult – dreams about that woman with the long red hair, but the baby doesn’t remember the woman and wonders why she dreamed about her.

In other dreams I have been in places I’ve never visited in this lifetime. Then one day, I see a photograph of the place that had formerly been in my dreams. The only difference is that the building was demolished before my birth. How do we explain those kinds of dreams – imagination?

Long before Harry Potter, I dreamed that I was sitting in a train station. Somebody handed me a photograph of a family. The people in the photo moved as if they were in a movie and I recognized one of the people as being me, but not the way I looked in the dream. Others in the photo were part of my family, but I sat alone in that train station and didn’t recognize them as part of my family at that time. Even in the dream I wondered if I was looking at a photograph of my family in a past life.

Years later, I wondered how JK Rowling and I came up with the same idea. Are ideas roaming around us all the time and those of us who grab onto them are credited with creating them? That’s a story for another blog.

As far as this blog is concerned I have often thought back to times when I was a little girl. I had a certain fascination with trains. My grandfather worked for the Illinois Central Railroad in Chicago, but my fascination with trains went beyond knowing my grandpa worked for a train company. When I played with my dolls, I pretended my couch was a car in the train and I held my babies close to protect them. Always, when I played with my dolls, I protected them. From what?

So many strangers throughout my life have appeared in my dreams. That I remember them is significant. Why would I make up a face and a body and then remember that person when I awoke? Do strangers appear in your dreams? If so do you create them? Are we all gods who design different bodily elements and are fully capable of pulling those elements together to create a human being? Or do we use our imaginations to create people? 

Admittedly, I have a rich imagination, but am I capable of dreaming into existence a structure that stood hundreds of years ago. How did I know what it looked like? While many possibilities exist, I can only wonder at how much of our unused brain holds material we’ve gathered throughout our time on earth, whether in this body or in a past-life body. Have you dreamed a human being into existence?

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