Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Won a Date With Mick Jagger!

I dreamed that I won a date with Mick Jagger. I was really excited to be going on the date because I thought he and I would get along very well together.  

I looked out from my bedroom and down the hall from my bed where I was lying on my stomach (I never sleep on my stomach), and I saw him sleeping on his stomach, his head facing mine. I wanted to take a photo of him, but before I could get my camera, a girl who used to work with me at one of my previous jobs appeared suddenly and bent down to kiss him. I was hurt that she would kiss him, when she knew that I had a date with him the next night.

When he awoke, he told me he wouldn’t kiss me because I deserved to wait. Whatever that means. Even in the dream I was confused.

What’s weird about this dream is that I’ve always had an attraction to Mick Jagger, even now that he’s older (and I'm usually attracted to younger – not older – men). But the girl who appeared in my dream, even though she and I are acquaintances and I like her, has never been a threat to me in any way or in anything I’ve ever wanted to accomplish. We had completely different jobs and a completely different circle of friends. 

So I look for people she may represent and I can think of not one person who reminds me of her. Perhaps I’ll meet her when Mick Jagger and I go on that date ;)

And yes, I’m aware that Mick Jagger probably represents somebody in my life too, but as far as the person he represents – again, no clue. Maybe he’ll surface eventually.


  1. I had a dream about a giant crab trying to attack me last night. I like your dream better.

    1. Crab is the symbol for the astrological sign of Cancer. Do you know any Cancers? ;0