Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Cousin Killed His Sister

Alfred Hitchcock
Ghost Adventures Crew

What does watching marathons of Alfred Hitchcock and Ghost Adventures on Netflix have to do with a dream about a cousin killing his sister? Plenty! 

When the dream begins, I’m sitting in the back of a church with my mother. She hands me photos of my father who just died. Now we’re in a basement (a little background here – my family reunions are often held in a church basement) and my cousin takes his sister to a closet that has a deep hole in it, a hole he has obviously dug himself. He throws his sister into the hole and tells me not to tell anyone. I am deeply disturbed about keeping this secret, and I vow that the moment he leaves the room, I’m going to call the police. The dream ends at that point.

Sometimes we know exactly WHY we have the dreams we dream (my marathon of Hitchcock and Ghost Adventures), but we don’t know why we place certain people in those scenarios. My cousins have a beautiful relationship with each other. They’re very close and get together often. They even share a lot of the same interests and attend the same church. So why my subconscious chose the two of them for my dream mystifies me. 

Or does it? Sometimes the people you think are least likely to commit crimes, the ones you’d never consider, are the ones who commit them. And yet some signs exist – in retrospect. In the case of my cousins, they don’t, because they truly do have a loving relationship, but have you ever been surprised by the discovery of crimes committed by people who were “model” citizens?

By the way, if you have an active imagination, as I do, try mixing up your Alfred Hitchcock and Ghost Adventures marathons with a little comedy. I might have dreamed that my cousin threw his sister into the hole and then she bounced back up and landed inside a basketball net.

Photo of Alfred Hitchcock is from wikimedia commons. Photo of Ghost Adventures is from the Travel Channel.

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