Wednesday, June 22, 2011

16th Century Vampires

This dream was sent to me through email ( and I must confess, trying to interpret this dream is quite a challenge, so I welcome other interpretations. Here is the dream as written, but with paragraph breaks added to make reading easier:

I was in the 16th century with two other people. One was a girl with snow white hair called Eliza and the other was a guy called Damien. I had this huge spell book and I was reading it. A vampire came up to me and slit my hands with a knife.

He joined hands with me. His hands were slit also. Somehow I turned into a vampire. The people I was with turned into vampires too. I think I turned them into one.

Then we joined hands and started flying. We didn't have enough power to fly high so we kept falling... Then we landed in this weird old building. There were humans there and they were burning witches and vampires. They were doing some sort of service. I flew up to a higher spot so I could see better but I fell....

The leader, a woman with black hair in her mid-fifties grabbed my ankle when I tried to get up. She said she knew what I was and that she was going to kill me. But my friends grabbed her and flung her across the room. We started flying but there was nowhere to go so we hid.

We hid for a hundred years. It felt like a few nights to us. We had no energy because we hadn't eaten. So at night when everyone was asleep we decided to try and escape. There was an open door so we decided to get out that way. When we got out of the building we kept flying. Eventually we were off the coast of South America.

The weirdest part of the dream was when one of my friends turned to me and asked "Do you want to go to Ireland? I've always wanted to go there." I said "No. My mom and brother live there. I don't want them to get hurt." The dream got a bit hazy from there.


The weirdest part of this dream for me was the same as was the weirdest part of the dream to the dreamer. She talks about vampires and witches, starvation and flying, then suddenly, interjected into the dream is a question about going to Ireland.

Whenever we dream about the past, we generally have to address something about our past. That she wanted to protect her mother and her brother might mean that something occurred in her past that made them vulnerable.

Reading a spells book could mean that the dreamer is looking for a magical way to handle life circumstances.

Dreams of vampires often indicate that somebody is sucking the life from us, and considering that the dreamer spoke of not having enough energy, she might look to people around her who are sucking the life from her, particularly the man with whom she joined hands, or somebody who represents that man.

People who appear in our dreams could represent people in our lives or they could represents aspects of ourselves. They could also represent our values, our morals, or the way we view life. Eliza and Damien, if they are people known to the dreamer, could represent aspects of the dreamer or aspects of people the dreamer knows.

The woman with white hair and the woman with black hair could indicate a problem with seeing things only in black and white, or they could represent various parts of the dreamer.

White hair sometimes represents wisdom. The woman with black hair might represent the dreamer who herself could be a leader or who was a leader or who will be a leader in her mid fifties. Not knowing the age of the dreamer, I can only speculate.

Because the woman with black hair was trying to kill her but also knew what she was, the woman might be somebody who is trying to kill the dreamer's spirit. She could even be the dreamer herself.

Open doors represent opportunities. The dreamer took advantage of the opportunity in the dream and she flew. The dreamer also wrote that a hundred years felt like only a few nights. She might wish to escape something in her waking life that feels as if it has been going on for a hundred years, but in reality has not been that long.

The dream could also be telling her that an opportunity awaits her (and the two people who represent Eliza and Damien).

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